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Artists/Groups & Dance Forms to be presented

  • Visit and especially the meditative dance page for yet another unique dance form

  • Featuring a total of Fifty Six Dancers

    Jasmyn Gloria Mabalatan Moroccan - Berber Taureg
    Nadia Hava-Robbins Interpretive, Romani ("Gypsy")
    Sonja Brodt North Indian Folk, Native American/Modern Fusion, Modern
    Myriam Kalmogho and Summer Silva West African Traditional, African Contemporary
    Amor Flamenco Flamenco
    Nuria's Dance Academy Irish Step
    Cultural Dance Ensemble Middle Eastern - Ghawazee
    Christina Campbell Ballet/Flamenco Nouveau / Arabic Fusion
    Redding Ballet Academie Can Can
    Zenobia Tribal Belly Dance
    Bridget Maich Classical Ballet, Jazz
    Serena Holden and Paul Lundsrum Tribal Beledi Dance
    Redding Folk Dancers Eastern & Central European Folk
    Redding City Ballet Contemporary Ballet

    The Traveling Bohemians! is an autonomous eclectic collective of predominantly local performers; musicians, poets, songwriters & writers, storytellers, dancers, and artists, etc. Our purpose is to sustain and encourage the opportunity for alternate/experimental artistic expression. Our main focus is on supporting local performers, writers, and artists by providing a venue for presentation of their works. We strive to create unique programs, intertwining and often uniting storytelling, dance, music, song, poetry, art, etc., presenting audiences with an inventive, cohesive, and colorful collage for the senses.

    Come and support your finest local artists! For information call Nadia at 530-229-7818 or email