Lovely poetry, I read several, and was delighted with them. Thank you for the pleasant moments. W.G. Cara, Hi ! I live in Rocommon Mi.I'm thirteen years old, and just recently lost the guy I thought was the one.( you're probably thinking, my God, how can she say that, she's only thirteen? Well, that's what it feels like at this age.) You write beautiful poetry. It helped me cry and get over it. :-) After a day of plowing the net (we don't surf in Iowa) I accidently ran across your page. What a delight. Sincere, sensitive, exotic, and beautify done. Thank you for the gift. Hello, The more I'm reading your poetry the more I like it ;) hehe.. when im reading your page being connected from far away lasting St.Petersburg (Russia i mean, not FL).. I do feel an excitements in your words and a little sadness.. *hugs* Oleg Cara: I've seen several examples of your poetry in the newsgroups and now I've discovered your web page. I'm not a big fan of poetry in general, but you have, to some extent, opened my eyes. Thank You and keep it up. Bill I have read your poetry and perceive the type of simple eloquence which gently nudges the thumping muscle within the recess of your chest. I have just seen some of your works and what can I say, well I am not sure, can't describe how I truly feel but for sure I feel very emotional. I just wandered across your page and read some of your poetry and I was very impressed. You are clearly a very passionate writer. Dearest Cara, Yesterday, I found your magnificent web page!! Even at work, I have read almost all your works and feel there is such a kindred spirit out there in cyberspace. I am a graphic artist/desktop publishing/computer consultant guru and love what you have done. Your words of love, grief, friendship, pain, dreams, hope.... I have also felt during my lifetime. It does make one feel that we are not "out here alone". Please keep up your spirit and your rhymes. Just visited your web site.................. It truly brought tears to my eyes one of my life's more beautiful encounters. Your Brother Hi Cara, Normally that invocation would have come from a 'draft board' for the Army. But, this time it's from someone who just stumbled across your website and wanted to acknowledge all the excellent work you have contributed to the web and thus share with others. Not being especially attuned to the subtleties of poetry, I still enjoyed reading your poems. It appears that you have a developed an excellent (and prolific) ability to render your thoughts and feelings. The fact that you have gotten so close to so many emotions is a beautiful testament to the person you are. You have a very beautiful soul. I do not know where you are or who you are but know this you have touched my heart, not very many know this easy task, not even my mother. I enjoyed your poems and look forward to reading more of them tomorrow. Thanks....... I love the poems. By the way I'm 17/male, my name is jimmy. I sent some of your poems to one of my "girl friends" and they now love me to death!! Cara, this was the second time I visited your mind as shown to us on your webpage. I must say that I am truly impressed, not just by the quality of same but also by the number of poems. According to the number of poems I made during the innumerous? years, you must be over 150 years of age. Coolness. Hello Cara, I stumbled on your page by accident and read some of your work I have to say well done, and what a pleasant change it was from the usual home pages I have read. I particularly enjoyed the "Just for you MOM!", I will show it to my mother, I'm sure she will enjoy it too. Cara, I'm just writing to say that I love your poems. they all strike true in my heart, and I find that so rare. I find it amusing that I had a man give me the web address and recommend it. you should be elated to be able to reach both men and women. keep up the good work! I search the net all the time to find poems for my future bride and your page had more to date than any I've come across. Thank you, you have no idea what these beautiful poems mean to me! Cara, I've printed out a few of these copies for my grandmother, who's 93, and she's enjoyed them as much as I have. My neighbor lady-friend enjoys the selection I showed her, too. Dear Cara, I just wanted to thank you for brightening my evening. It made me feel good all over knowing the world is blessed with your kind of love and caring. I hesitated to write, as I am far from a poet, but that wouldn't have been fair to you. I'm sure that many men have written to tell you the same thing, but hope you don't mind hearing it once more. May you receive the peace and love that you give. If you don't see your letter here, it's not that I didn't appreciate your writing, in fact I thank each and everyone of you that has been so kind as to take the time to write. You all have made me a very fortunate person to receive such kind words, and all so plainly from the heart................Thank You! All sounds a bit degrading and anti-male. Nice poetry, highly talented. thank you for the poems. Enjoyed each & every one of them. Also tell your daughter she did a great job on hers. My young'un is 19 & really hasn't had the arrow hit her yet, but it's com'n & gotta show her your stuff. thanxs again. Haven't read a lot of your work, yet what I have read is moving. Thanks for a cool (and intriguing) site. You keep creating In the image of the original One thanks for placing feelings at the top of your priority list. Cara's Cove How can I say I love you? I know that isn't right I read your prose, my spirits rose To lift me from my plight You're thoughts are as an ocean In who's waters I never dove And 'tho my heart is for another My love is Cara's Cove I could not sleep last night. This kept me awake. I normally don't like reading poetry. But you have a way with words that I truly admire. YOU should be published !! looking forward to more ! This page caught me off guard the day I read it. In fact I even laughed at it. You know it is strange how I check the page often to see what is spark a memory long lost or revisit a hurt or a happiness that I either forgot or ignored all these years.......I didn't even believe I liked poetry....... greetings ! You have an impressive web page... and yes, you -are- quite the prolific writer ! I enjoyed the "MEN!" poem... being a man... I can relate. Just wanted to let you know that your page is beautiful.........I am just on part one, but I see I won't be surfing far tonight.. I enjoyed your poetry tremendously...what a wonderful surprise to accidently run into it on the wrote my must have mirrored my life. I'm forwarding some of your poetry to my best friend, now in another state. I'm sure she will enjoy it as much as I did. I was touched by your poetry. Thank you for sharing it with the world. It is a part of your soul. I hope that others find you in this vastness of cyberspace. Poets Note: Some of the following letters refer to invitaions that I had sent people to come visit my site. I no longer send invitations because by some it was viewed as spamming. But while the invitations were going out I very much enjoyed the wonderful responces. Cara, Thank you. Your poems were just what I needed this evening. rj Hi There Firstly, I must thank you for sharing your poems with everybody on the net. Your poems in section 1 are so relevant to my current situation, and it's nice to see that somebody can put into words they way I feel !!! Thank you Korrie (Johannesburg, South Africa) Cara, you are probably the last true romantic left. That's quite a collection of poetry, posted for the whole world to see. I don't think I could leave myself so open and vulnerable. - don Greetings!! Cara, thank you so very much for inviting me to your pages! You are a wonderful poet!! I really enjoyed viewing your writing, I have been there a number of times, and it's a place I'll be returning to over and over!! Anne My many compliments to you. Thank you So nice to read and ponder in the early hours of the day.. Take care Jack I just wanted to say: Thanks for keeping the format simple and elegant. It doesn't distract from the real artistry: your work. If anyone ask me about e-zine design I'll have to mention yours as a fine example. Brian SINGAPORE Monday Hi Cara Shocked how you managed to get through to me. But I was equally shocked (the word should be, impressed) by your spectacular web site. Great stuff, Cara SURESH I stand and knock, yet time stands still, A leaning into thy heart provokes a fright into winter's chill, I feel thine essence, I sense thy depth, I know within me thou art one having wept; I stand before thee, not a sonnet, but as a pauper in thy midst. Thank you, love, for sharing thyself... and thy gift! Sincerely, -Jeff I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your poetry. I was searching for some info and found your site. I just spent the last 4 hours reading your poems. Your poems touched my heart, I could relate to so many of them. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You are a very special person. Thanks again, Diane Cara, Thank you for inviting me to your little corner of the web. I took a little time and browsed through some of your poetry. I enjoyed myself! :o) Thanks again and God Bless, you, Cara! Gabby <'}}}>< Hi, I don't know how I got your e-mail, but it's really nice. I'm an English teacher and of course, poetry is really special to me. Later! D.L. Hi Cara Miss you. Tried several places and finally you get your ad on the Postmaster Announcements... Do you realize how many of us wonder what the heck happen'd to you since you left the other site? Darn you gal, your "Prolific Ponderings" have been missed......oh yeah, almost forgot, you have been miss'd too besides your writings.... Hello Cara! My name is Heather and I am from Aberdeen South Dakota. I wanted to write and tell you that I love your poems! They are really good. I can't say what they mean, but when I read them I can relate, if that made sense to you. Sincerely your Adoring fan, Heather Thanks for the email this morning about your web site. I didn't get a chance to read EVERY sure have a wonderful and extensive collection (i will be back)......but the few that i did read were very special indeed. I will be sure to let all of my friends know about your girlfriends will be especially interested...maybe as much as me! I don't know how you got my work email address, but this is one email that I was glad to get for a change! Dear Cara: You write wonderfully. I've only read a few of your works thus far. I've enjoyed every one of them. It's great that you can convey your thoughts with such beautifully written words. I will visit your page often so I may read everything you write. You are truly a lovely, gifted individual. Thank you for sharing your creations. Sincerely, Philip I went to your pages again, and they are just like sunshine in the dark. You have done a most terrific work, Cara. Laila Oslo, Norway Hey there gal Been awhile, but just luv the changes. Not bad for a woman either. And easy on the temper. Only kid'n about the woman part. But someone has to give you a debate or two..... Hello, Although I have not read all of your poems the ones I have are excellent. I realize that you have no Idea who I am but I thought that your work deserved acknowledgement. Keep it up :-) Brad Cara, I have just spent over an hour reading some of you poems and I can share in them, feel them and touch them. You have touched me deeply with your words and I am delighted to have found your page. Your gift is true and your heart open for the world to see here. Thank You...Dixie You are a very passionate poet. I am amazed at how well done thae pages are. Thank you for sharing. Manda When I first came to this sight, and saw all the letters you had posted, I thought it was quite a display of ego on your part. Yet, when I read your poems, I understood all that had been said. Quite a few of them brought me to tears, and many others very close. Some of these poems touched very close to hom with me and I thank you for making me feel like some one finally understands me. AR Thanks for letting me know. I was looking all over the poetry web for your site and thought I lost you! Keep up the good work! Denise I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your site so much!!!! I love to read and I really like heart touching and reality poems!!!! Thanks for a great site of feelings Tammy Cara Your site appears to be so sweet that I want to take it a small bit at a time. Sam Thank you Cara for sharing your heart and soul through your poetry...every one of your poems is unique and special in their own way! I didn't think I would get through them all, but I actually read every one and after that, I wished there was more! Thanks again, Denise Cara, I just visited your page, and what lovely poetry! I especially liked Cara's Comments. But there were so many more! You are very talented, Cara, thanks for a lovely visual page as well as the wonderful poetry. The whole page was a treat! Helen,Virginia Beach Hi Cara, You cannot begin to know the wonderful feelings I have from visiting your page, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I lost a wife not long ago and your page is a place that I take solice in. Please keep up the good work, you are truly an angel in disguise. May God Bless you Always, Butch Hi Cara, I've just been over to your site and have read some of your beautiful poetry. Well, I have a lot more to read, so I'll be back to read more. Thank you for inviting me to your site, you have inspired me to write some more! Karen Hi Cara Marie, Was late when I got into your web page, but you have done a great beauty with it. I really enjoyed reading some of your poetry. Wonderfully designed web page. Mary from West Virginia A beutifully desinged page with words written in a beautiful hand. Your gift is mine to recieve and I thank you greatly for "being". I enjoyed reading you. Thanks for sharing. Dragon Thank you for sending me your link. I ran home at lunch to have a quiet break and read my email. I only had a minute to visit some of it but will be back tonight once my evening slows down. You have made my day *big smile*. Thank you. I love the title (not to mention the poem) "You're Not Alone" You have certainly made me feel that way. Until later. Carmen :-) Cara, Your site is a fair flower in this Cyber forest wild. A bookmark of the heart to this restless "Thursday's Child". Blessed Be, :-) Joe Mc. Greetings!! Cara, thank you so very much for inviting me to your pages! You are a wonderful poet!! I really enjoyed viewing your writing, I have been t here a number of times, and it's a place I'll be returning to over and over!! Anne Just wanted to let you know that your page is beautiful, I am just on part one, but I see I won't be surfing far tonight. John Chesapeake, VA Dear Cara, There is very little I can say that has not been done so already. You really are a professional poet, and put much feelings into what you write. To me, one of the basic elements of good poetry is, can I, while reading a poem of yours, just for that one moment in time share with you your thoughts, emotions, sadness, tears, laughter, the essence of you so that we are one? The answer is a resounding yes! love, robert Thank you for sending me your beautiful page of ponderings. I don't know where you got my name, but I am glad you did! Beautiful, thoughtful and tender. Thanks. Ruth Hello Cara, I just checked out your web page and read several of your poems, I'm just blown away and completely breathless!!! Your words are beautiful beyond belief and your thoughts are like waking up to the morning sun shining on your face. You are truly blessed with a wonderful gift. From one artist to another, thank you for enlightening me and brightening my day. I really needed the love and light that your words have delivered. Thank you for being you.... Sincerely, StormFront
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