He Answered
Lord, do you watch as I hold behind my eyes, tears in waiting? Do you see the foundations for my dreams as they seem to crumble at my touch? And my poor misguided love seems to wander with lack of purpose. There's nothing I can do to salvage the remnants of my happiness. As it is your wish for me to leave my rooms and the walls that protect me. I know the strength for my task is at hand or you wouldn't guide me in this direction. But Lord, I pray as the last minutes draw near, save me from this fate. "I said this prayer, 4 years ago. Shut up in my room, disabled I prayed that I could stay there, for I lacked the courage to change. I believe God saw into my heart and gave me a answer to my hearts desire instead of the expression of my minds fear."
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Written by: Cara Marie Filipeli