Working alongside local Indian volunteers, Diane prepares food for the malnourished poor.

Welcome to Diane Kirwin's
"Privilege-Sharing Bodhgaya"
October, 2005

"If a starveling will ask you 'Where is God?' ... give him some bread and tell ...'here'."
Mahatma Gandhi

NEW LINK: Laurie Bagley, of Mt. Shasta, California, will climb the north side of Mt. Everest in April and May of 2006 in support of Privilege Sharing Bodhgaya.

Diane's Newsletter Feb. 2005

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"Privilege-Sharing Bodhgaya" serves the beloved poorest in villages near Bodhgaya, Bihar State, India.

 What Does "Privilege-Sharing" Do?

Communities near Bodhgaya are served by:

  • Free Feeding Program
  • Free Medical Assistance
  • Free Soap Distribution
  • Free Education Program for children from families who can't afford to pay for public school
  • School Building Project in Jaunpur
  • plant shade/fruit trees during the monsoon
  • protect trees with cages
  • fund raising to purchase land so school children can grow vegetables and keep chickens
  • provide warm clothes donated by Patagonia, Inc.
  • distribute blankets to the poorest prior to winter

Long term goals include:

  • provide for and expand existing programs
  • purchase rural land near the poorest villages
  • enable the poorest to grow their own crops
  • install water pumps where needed

"Privilege-Sharing" provides service through a variety of small-scale local programs including a Free Feeding Program where food is scarce. Sanjay Kumar wrote, "We are doing our "Privilege-Sharing" work in 10 villages. We are going to distribute 200 fruitful plants in our school land village. These plants will be planted by villagers in their courtyards."

These children are happy to attend classes through the Free Education Program because school is not free where they live in rural Bihar.


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Diane will personally deliver funds and donated materials while working with "Privilege-Sharing".

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This boy's only toy is a pipe cleaner provided during a "Privilege-Sharing" activity. His family is waiting to eat.