Chisel and Tool Racks

How about some tool racks?  

Everyone needs racks for all kinds of things around the shop. I see some mighty elaborate ones around and some others that seem a little insecure. Try these!



I like my chisels in a portable free standing rack. This way I can stash them in a windowsill or somewhere when not in use and bring the entire rack to the bench when I am working. This saves trips schlepping a single tool and also puts all the tool in the rack in plain view at all times. I really hate hunting and have so many chisels and gouges now I  would hunt forever if they were stored in rolls or drawers. OK I have some rolls and drawer storage too (can't have too many tools you know), but those are for seldom used special purpose tools.

Here are my basic chisel racks. I make them by simply grooving appropriately sized scrap stock, adding feet set at a 15degree angle so they lean back a bit and don't topple over ever.  Last I add some bars across the front. You can plainly see what tool it is at a glance.  I have made large and small ones depending on how long the tool blades are. 


For screwdrivers, files and pliers I make simple racks that hang off ordinary pegboard. If you drill the rack in back you can glue in pegboard hooks and hang them anywhere you want. I have lots of these.