Dink, A #2 Sized Hybrid Smoother



This was one of those low grade no name narrow smooth planes. You know the ones with a rest for the blade to lay on instead of a moveable frog and the hardware is pitiful.  One of those?  Yeah.

 So, I was thinking of throwing it away and had it 1/2 way to the trash when the width of it caught my eye.  It is real extra narrow.  Ridiculous narrow for a #5 sized jack, but just right for a #2.   I started wondering if I could cut it down and how I'd do it.

  I lopped off the extra bed length, brazed on a pair of sockets threaded to take a rod and proceeded to carve a tote and turn a knob.  From there it needed a proper blade and lever cap so I grabbed a very heavy woodie plane blade and cap and cut them down.  Next a lever cap from solid plate steel was born and a cap screw made up from brass and steel too.

 The side profile??  I made the best, out of what I had to work with!

 The little thing actually works!  There is something to be said for overwhelming mass of blade and lever cap! 

 PS I have no idea what that black button looking thing is laying on the blade in the first picture.  Must have flown in out of left field.  It doesn't really go there.  Pretend you didn't see it.  

yours, Scott