Infill Scraper Plane
There are endless varieties of planes, wooden and metal both. There are even a substantial number of scraper planes out there. I had never seen an infill type though. Besides, most the the scrapers you see have like, 3" wide blades or more and whattamI, Popeye the Sailor?  I wanted something with considerably less blade to push through the wood. While I was at it I decided to make a tilting tote and make it a hybrid infill / standard plane. The tilting tote feature was just too cool of a concept to pass over.   

  There were a lot of other ways I could have done this quicker, but....

  I took a piece of extra thick, extra tall channel iron from the boneyard out back and started in. Little by little it was carved into a plane body shape. At one point I welded a piece of pipe for an arbor right in the middle of the inside and used that to turn the bottom flat on a large lathe. Then cut the arbor back off and ground smooth.



The tapering inside legs of the channel iron were milled out square. It should have been an easy job, except I didn't have a mill, so had to cobble together a homemade milling attachment for the big lathe first.   I later ground/filed the whole body into something of a taper to add shapeliness and save a bit of weight.

 Next was adding the piece for the tote to tilt on (3/4" water pipe turned down some and split in half, welded on). And drilling /filing open the mouth. Scraper planes are not like smoothing planes where you want a real tight throat. I think I opened the throat on this plane 4 more times before I was through.  A tight throat on a scraper causes you nothing but trouble and no gain is realized from a tight one.    

 Then, I was well on the way to making a plate steel blade holder/adjuster/lever cap, when a good buddy. Russ Allen, stepped up and said  "If you want to make a pattern, I'll cast bronze for you" !!  Hoo hoo, way cool, and thanks forever Russ.   

 The wood on this plane is all rosewood of course. The adjusting nuts were tuned, threaded and knurled. The lever cap screw is homemade too and stuffed with the same rosewood.

The wide bevels on the sides of the body were filed with a file. There is no other way.