The WhupAss Mallet

There are hammers, and then there are hammers. 


 There are mallets galore in the world, but here is a mallet you never saw before.

    Mallet                                    the  WhupAss Mallet tm


Right around 2 pounds of stand aside Pilgrim, get-outta-my-way, slugging power. Magnum power. You've never driven a mortise chisel, firmer chisel or large gouge like this. Large frame parts of any kind can be assembled with ease and yet no mark is left behind. 

The handles are not delicate little things, these fill a hand. Up close to the head the balance makes the weight seem to disappear and the work melts before you like ice cream on a steam radiator.  Ease your grip a little further back on the handle and .......lookout, here comes trouble.

Nearly indestructible. Built for punishment in every detail. Even the top cap where the mallet rests when sitting upright is polished and blued as any kind of paint would chip eventually. 

They are stuffed with either premium top grain leather or high strength tougher-than-a-cob industrial grade plastic that you cannot lose sight of no matter how messy your bench is. Rosewood handles, very heavy solid brass hardware. Handmade throughout.

 This is my art. No factory production here. This is all there is. Your only shot at ever having one is looking right at you, right now. And they are going fast.

 Detailed description of any particular mallet is available on request. 

     Premium leather stuffed $250

  High strength plastic $200

  Scott Grandstaff

Box 409 Happy Camp Ca 96039

530 493 2032

  Cash, check, Mo or Paypal accepted.

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