Scott Grandstaff

  This Shave Horse is Different!

If you look close you can see a new twist on old shavehorse design.

It's the tapered wedges supporting the table and the hinged table itself. Traditionally these were fixed and the post that the dumbhead is attached to has to be moved to get you a different angle to grip different sizes.

 I though this was too slow to adjust.  Besides, you're limited by how close together you can place the holes. With the wedge approach it's not only instantaneous to adjust, but you can adjust to exactly the right opening to put your legs in a more comfortable position, whatever you decide that position is.    Laziness and comfort is the -real- mother of invention.

  Oh, in case you haven't heard me tell this before, the dumbhead is the way to go for a general purpose shavehorse. The ladder frame type is best suited for the repetitive jobs where the only reason you need a horse is just the one job. But for variety work you can't beat the dumbhead.

 You can grip wide work that wouldn't fit inside a ladder. you can also dangle regular work off the side to get at the edges. There are no acrobatics involved with working a long piece either. Just slide in the side under the head with the long part angled away from you so you can still sit down. Adjust the wedges for comfort and get to work.

    yours, Scott