Imagine a thousand words worth.

  I get asked many times a year about this. Here's what works for me.
 5/16 threaded rod (allthread) fits the hole in the tote very snug somewhat forcing proper alignment. 2 nuts, 2 washers.
  A couple of scraps drilled 5/16  first, and then cut to fit the tote.
  I clean the glue area with solvent (acetone etc.) and don't forget to grease the allthread or it'll be trouble getting it out.

  The glue doesn't matter as much as the clamping pressure. It has to be lined directly up the center of the hole in the tote.  So the blocks have to fit, but you don't have to make millions of them either.
   It's not always entirely perfect because the tote has likely warped a little. But it's the best I got. A light scraping will take almost all traces away.
  You have to wiggle the pieces a little when the nuts are drawing up. Sometimes you have to unclamp and wiggle a bit and then go again to get it just right.
  If you squint you can see the glue oozed out of the crack (this tote is being glued  right now), in this case titebond because I couldn't find any epoxy I liked in a timely manner. Not that my shop is messy or anything.
 Oh, it's just propped up on a rule for the pic. It has nothing to do with the jig.