Parker Center Mike Room, early 1960s?

This is about as good as I can get this picture. Can anyone guess the date (no I DON'T know it!) or ID anyone there. Is the officer standing up Chunkey Hilton? Another policeman driving a chair is hidden behind him. And is that Sgt. McFarland back in the "senior's" chair?

Looks like what I knew as the Harbor/TSR position, lower left, is a probably a radio position, or is that the LINK? Note the spindle of tickets... may be "blue's". Then, where Northeast/Hollenbeck and Central should be, that's got to be "phones" with half a dozen of the beloved old pneumatic tubes. ("12A97 stand by, your suspect is stuck in the tubes."). Then it's radio positions all the way around. But who are those RTOs????

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