Film of "MARKET STREET - 1903"

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This film is an automobile tour of a portion of the arrival parade route of President Theodore Roosevelt along Market Street, San Francisco, on Tuesday, May 12, 1903. The film was shot in the mid-afternoon, shortly before the parade, which traversed this portion of the route in the reverse direction shown here. The earlier portion of the route is seen in the film "Over Route of Roosevelt Parade in an Automobile" (1903).

The following is a scene-by-scene description of the film: [Frame: 0308] The Native Son's Monument is the column on the left at the intersection of Turk and Mason streets. Beyond it is the unfinished Flood Building, and at far right the Call Building tower. United Railroad cable cars are seen along Market Street. The tall building at right is probably the "Castle" of the Knights of Pythias. [0348] At right the first of many street sweepers is seen performing a necessary task in the last days of the age of horse power. [0459] The wall advertisement at left is for J. Heller and Co. boots and shoes. At far right is the Emporium department store, with the white side wall. [0774] The unfinished masonry work on the steel frame of the Flood Building is seen at the Powell (and Eddy) streets intersection at left. [2190] The driver veers around a buggy toward the awning of the Emporium. The car approaches the intersection of Stockton, Ellis and Fourth streets [2604] and passes to the right of a Valencia Street cable car [2760], en route from the Mission district to the Ferry Building. [2932] An electric streetcar crosses from Fourth Street to Ellis Street, passing in front of the Phelan Building at left. [3155] The camera approaches the back of a Castro Street cable car. Beyond, at left, are the blank rear walls of the Mutual Savings Bank at the corner of Geary (and Kearny) streets. The sign at upper right is for Sanborn and Vail Wholesalers.

Copyright: American Mutoscope & Biograph Co.; 4Jun1903; H32390.

Duration: 1:45 at 15 fps.

Camera, H.J. Miles.

Photographed: May 12, 1903. Location: Market Street, San Francisco, California.

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