Highway Landmarks MileMarkers
Note: milemarkers are in ascending mileage from the south or west county line, or beginning of the highway.
MM Description Other Town
SR 299
Humboldt County
Hum 0.10 Crossing of US 101 at interchange of 299/101 Arcata
Hum 1.55 Mad River Bridge w/of Blue Lake
?? Lord Ellis Summit
Hum 7.38 CHP Scales north side of roadway Blue Lake
Hum 22.33 Redwood Creek Bridge bottom of canyon, border between CHPs Humboldt (#16) and Trinity River (#90) areas
?? Berry Summit Horse Mountain turn-off
Hum 38.33 Jct Hwy 96 WILLOW CREEK Willow Creek
Hum 43.04 Trinity County Line South Fork Trinity River Bridge:       End of "Hum" milemarkers
SR 299 - Trinity County
Tri 0.00 Humboldt/Trinity County Line South Fork Trinity River Bridge
Tri 3.75 ? Salyer Rest Area Salyer
Tri 13.87 Trinity River Bridge USFS Restrooms on e/side of bridge
? Oregon Mtn Summit w/of Weaverville
? WEAVERVILLE Weaverville
Tri 51.57 Jct Hwy 3 (north) to Yreka Weaverville
? Weaverville Rest Area w/of Douglas City
Tri 58.18 Jct Hwy 3 (south) to Hayfork Douglas City