KRLA BEAT - Beatles on Covers

Unless noted, all are somewhat yellowed but clean, minimal edge tears if any, folded on original lines

7/16/1966: 16 pages - 1/2" edge tear on one inside page, folded slightly off-center

Articles include:
Beatles release conventional album cover - "Yesterday and Today"
Paul's broken tooth
behind the Scenes at Beatlss London recording Session (1 1/2 page spread)
New Group: Yardbirds
4 Seasons Just Keep Comin' back
Bobby Hebb - Sunny

9/10/1966: 24 pages - folded slightly off-center, some staining mostly near edges

Articles include:
Lennon: "Sorry about the (Jesus) Mess"
Radio Stations lift Ban on Beatles
"We Love you, John AND God"
"Whatever happened to the Beatle Soul?" - 2 page article, with 5 sketches of them
"Cass Meets John"
"Mistaking the Four Monkees"
"Buffalo Herding Clancy"
"Psychedelic Music - Is it Next?"
The "Airplane" Takes Off

12/31/66: 16 pages

Articles include:
"Beach Boys lift Beatles' World Crown"
Proposed Beatles Film 'Not About Pop Group'
1966 photo spread: Beatles, Sinatra, Barry Sadler, Monkees, Beach Boys, Eric w/out Animals, etc
1967 "Beat" Predictions: Dylan, Paul is married? End of the Byrds?
Bill Cosby Shocks 'Em
Mitch Ryder 'Sells His Soul'
Four Tops in Britain

3/25/1967: 22 pages

Articles Include:
Jagger & Richard in Drug Search
Boos Greet Lennon & Ringo at Len Barry Show
Byrds' New English Tour
The Generation G-a-p
Monkees - What Price Fame?
The Association is Subtle Insanity
Lovin' Spoonful
Righteous Bros: 'Our Next Move is Movies'
Supremes - Capricious But Cautious

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