NOTICE December 19, 2003



TO: All Commanding Officers


FROM: Director, Office of Human Resources




On December 17, 2003, due to the current economic uncertainties faced by the City of Los Angeles, the City Council acted to place a hard hiring freeze on all City departments, including the Police Department. Effective immediately, all positions, civilian and sworn, civil service and advanced paygrade are frozen. Categories that had been exempted from previous hiring freezes are no longer exempt. The Department will only be allowed to backfill actual attrition of sworn officers with new recruit officers. At this time, there is no way to determine when the department will be able to make additional appointments or promotions to sworn and civilian classifications.


All pending 1.40s for paygrade advanced positions are also frozen and will not appear on the transfer. Pending 1.40s for lateral transfers will be reviewed, however, they may not appear on the transfer.


The City Council has directed all City departments to review their operations and make appropriate reassignment of existing employees to meet operational needs. Requests for unfreezing a position will be reviewed with the most critical eye and justification for not reassigning existing resources will have to be provided. Effective immediately, Personnel Division will not publish an advertisement for lateral transfers until a decision is made on which positions are most: critical and need to be filled. All requests for advertisement should be approved by the bureau commanding officer, prior to being submitted to Personnel Division.


In addition, the City Council has directed the Personnel Department to prepare seniority lists for civilian employees. In order to do this, a verification of employee's work history will be forthcoming from Personnel Division. Each employee will have to verify the work history on the form and return it to Personnel Division. The forms will be available within the next few weeks and will be accompanied by an explanation of the purpose of the form. Other City departments may get their forms prior to the Police Department which may generate questions from employees. Please direct them to the Civilian Personnel Services Section, Personnel Division, at (213) 485-4084 for information.


Questions regarding this notice may be directed to Police Administrator Thom Brennan, Commanding Officer, Personnel Division, at (213) 485-3243.


JIM McDONNELL, Assistant Chief

Director, Office of Human Resources

Distribution B