Since listening in to "KMA367" was such a popular activity over the years, this booklet was printed and distributed to the public by the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1950s, showing their most frequently used radio codes.


Note the "1-1-6" telephone number for emergency calls. This was a local number in the Los Angeles area, and was used very much like 9-1-1 is today, although there was no Automated Name or Location Information available to the call-takers.

A generation of Los Angeles schoolchildren learned the ditty, "When in a fix, Dial One-One-Six" from their teachers or from policemen or firemen visiting their classrooms.

And then there's this from the 1946 LAPD Radio-Telephone Operator Training & Orientation Manual, which again indicates the department's acceptance of people listening in. It reminds the RTO's (or "announcers") that, along with the officers in radio cars, the public was part of their audience:

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