I've captured these pictures from a video about the February, 1971 Sylmar earthquake. Who are these people? Hey, it's only 39½ years ago...


RTO-1 ?




"Scantlin" Keyboard


Dispatcher - who??


Transmitter Light - Where was this - above the Senior's desk?


"The Chute"


RTO-3: Susie Foster?


The Link - Howie Friar, or ??






Kenny Trumbower ?


Old ECC Console


Mt Lee Transmitter Site


Mt Lee up close


At the Gamewell - Is that Fishel in the background?
And why is Jeanne Specht not in her office?


Complaint Board - Who's in this picture? Is that Linda (Allison) Groller
heading out to lunch - or to the W/C's office?

These pictures were from 1971...please email the KMA367 group with any comments or if you can identify anyone

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