Full install files for all Sportster Winmodem models except 14.4K. This version supports 33.6k connections. Uninstall previous Winmodem software before installing this version. Now supports version 4.00.95 B.

Right-click on this link and "save to" a floppy disk: winm336.exe

To install, put floppy in floppy thingy, unzip it, then find and run the

Sportster Winmodem(tm)

28.8 Faxmodem for Windows

The affordable, easy to use faxmodem made especially for your Windows-based computer.

No more complicated installation manuals, no more dipswitches or strange combinations of
keystrokes! Just plug Sportster Winmodem into your PC, and it's ready to take you anywhere
you want to go online.

The Windows operating system on your computer does all the installation chores for you. To
send and receive electronic messages of all kinds, just point and click -- it's easier than dialing
the phone.

Simply the best.

Can a modem this simple to install and easy to use possibly have the performance you expect
from U.S. Robotics? Absolutely. The custom programming built into Sportster Winmodem can
actually give you better performance than modems not made specifically to work with

Sportster Winmodem is a true V.34 modem. That means it complies with the internationally
recognized standard for online communication at speeds up to 28.8Kbps. Whether your phone
connection is crystal-clear or full of static, Sportster Winmodem makes sure your data moves at
the highest possible rate.

Easy upgrades.

Sportster Winmodem is software upgradable. Just dial up the U.S. Robotics bulletin board, and
the new features will come to you in seconds.

The first upgrade you'll want is the one that lets you send and receive at speeds up to 33.6 Kbps
-- the fastest speed currently possible over ordinary phone lines. And it's free!

Invitation to the Internet.

New Sportster Winmodem is the easiest way to get on the Internet. If you've been waiting for an
invitation to start exploring the amazing universe of information, recreation and communication,
this is it!

And to make it even easier, Sportster Winmodem comes with a free Internet Connection Kit:
150-page World Wide Web guidebook, plus free registration and browsing software from three
major Internet access providers.

Access the server at your main office. Dial up a supplier or customer. Sign on to an online
service or browse the World Wide Web. It's all just a click away.

Works with Windows-based communications software.
Works with all Windows-based computers.
Includes special offers from major online services.

Count on it.

You can count on Sportster Winmodem. It's made by U.S. Robotics, the world's leading
information access company. More people have bought Sportster modems than any other brand
-- they're the most powerful, compatible, reliable modems designed and priced for home and
small office users. And they're made to meet the standards communications professionals
expect. For more information about Sportster Winmodem or any U.S. Robotics product, call
your U.S. Robotics representative at 1-800 DIAL USR.

FREE UPGRADE to 33.6 Kbps!.

Plug it in -- your Windows computer does the installation for you.
Get on the Internet easier and faster than ever.
Free software upgrade to 33.6 mode.

Sportster Winmodem 28.8

High speed data: 28.8 Kbps (Upgradable to 33.6)
High speed fax: V.17 Group III 14,400 and 9600 bps Class 1 and Class 2.0 send and
receive fax
Maximum throughput: 115,200 bps

Universal Compatibility

True ITU-T V.34 at 28,800 bps
V.32 bis at 14,400 bps
V.32 at 9600 bps
V.22 bis at 2400 bps
V.22/Bell 212A at 1200 bps
V.21/Bell 103 at 300 bps

Error Control and Data Compression

V.42/MNP 2-4 error control
V.42 bis/MNP 5 data compression

For Your Information

Plug and Play

Special Windows software drivers programmed into Sportster Winmodem automatically install
your modem and configure it for maximum performance.


Sportster Winmodem communicates with virtually any modem or fax device (Windows-based
or not) through support of international and proprietary standards and protocols. Works with
Windows-based communications and fax software.

Package Contents

Sportster Winmodem internal half card modem
RJ11 6 ft. phone cord
User's guide
Quick Installation Guide
Free fax and data software for Windows
Windows software drivers
Online service offers
Internet Connection Kit

Regulatory/Agency Approvals

FCC approved (Part 15 Class B/Part 68)
IC (formerly DOC) approved
UL listed
CSA approved


A full 5 year warranty on parts and labor.

Part #1125 28.8 Internal