From: ntignt007
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 16:22
Subject: KMA367_Page
8/12/03   I was just looking around for local police codes for a friend with a radio shack pro-76 hand held scanner.   I must say that I don't look often but your web page is the finest one I have ever seen! are you a current Police Officer and/or retired Police officer?    Is the LAPD Depart Manual the entire  manual?   Do you have a copy of the Christopher Commission?   Do you have local  radio frequencies up to 512?  for a friend?  and do you have an accurate list of FBI, DEA ATF, ABC etc.   I started as a Police Explorer in 1968 LAPD and became a reserve.   Please respond at you earliest convenience.  I hate to print all the LAPD manual if it is not current.   Again a "Fine job"   Fraternally yours,   Steven
  From: Harry Marnell
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Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 16:56
Subject: Re: KMA367_Page
Hi Steven,

Thanks for the kind words.  I enjoy finding new "old" stuff and updating the site.  I started as a "Police Student Worker, and then became an RTO (dispatcher) at Communications Division in the 1960s/70s, then moved on to a couple other agencies.  Now I'm semi-retired and living way up on the north coast in Humboldt County.  My wife is also retired from LAPD... she worked Communications (and Valley Communications) from 1967 to 1998... 31 years, retiring as a Senior PSR II / Watch Commander.

I believe the department manual on the site is complete, but it's in probably hundreds of pieces.  I guess it could be downloaded, but would take a while.   Of course that's only the overall "Department Manual" and doesn't include all the other manuals.. Personnel, Uniform & Equipment, Unusual Occurrance, Tactical ops, etc etc...  (Or were you referring to the radio codes/Procedures section that's on my website?   That page is about all there is in the DEPT Manual on radio comms, though there is a Communications Division Manual, but I don'thave a copy of it. :-(

Yes, I do have a copy of the Christopher Commission report in "Acrobat" .pdf format, but it's pretty big... about 13MB... 297 pages.  Too big to email...hmmm

I don't have a lot of up-to-date frequency for agencies other than LAPD (see my page at ), but you should be able to find most of the others at Tracy's site at  Most of the agencies you ask about are either digital (like LAPD) or encrypted, or both, so a Pro-76 scanner won't be useful for a lot of their communications. Hope that helps... let me know.
From: ntignt007
To: Harry Marnell
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Dear Harry Marnell:

I have a digital Motorola.  Do you have any frequencies?  Any local, state, and/or feds?  Can I also have you permission to save some pictures right click for persona; use only.  My brother was a student worker as well for LAPD.  Now he is an Attorney and reserve,  I may know you and or your wife. You site again is THE BEST ON THE NET.  ")  Do you know who "KEVIN DAVID METNICK "IS?  The most famous computer hacker and unfortunately a "licensed ham"  Are you a ham radio operator?  I would pay foe the Christopher Commission.  I know Smitson and other on the list as they were my instructors before they became bad boys.  I would love to call you and talk on my dime after 8:00pm.

Please let me know.  And how old is a Pro-76.  I guess it is between 5-7 or more years old?  I have Unidens scanners and others.

Waiting your response.

Fraternally yours,

Steve Hoffman
  From: Harry Marnell
To: ntignt007
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 20:16
Subject: Re: KMA367_Page
Hi Steve.   I don't have server space for it, or I'd upload the Christopher Report for you to download.   But, as I say, it's around 12 or 13 MB.   I could put it on a CD and mail it to you for a couple bucks... I could put
some other stuff on there too... like about a 30 minute recording of LAPD calls from 1965 Watts Riots, or something.   If you use PayPal I do too. Matter of fact, I have the North Hollywood shootout LAPD audio which I sell for $9.99... I could stick Christopher on a CD with that at no extra cost if you're interested in doing that.  Lemme know..

No, I don't know the name Kevin David Metnick, and I don't find him listed on the FCC ham database... is that the right spelling?  Yes, I've been a ham since about 1989... KM6KMA (was N6URU).

Here are the current LAPD Dispatch frequencies...

Central    506.7375
Rampart    506.9375
Southwest    506.9875
Hollenbeck    507.1875
Harbor    506.7875
Hollywood    507.2125
Wilshire    506.9625
West L.A.  506.7625
Van Nuys    506.7125
West Valley  506.7125
Northeast  506.9375
77th Street  507.2375
Newton Street  507.1875
Pacific  506.9625
North Hollywood  507.1625
Foothill   507.1625
Devonshire   506.8875
Southeast   506.7875
Central Traffic   506.7375
South Traffic   506.9875
West Traffic   506.7625
Valley Traffic   506.8875

Central Bureau Tac 1   507.1125
Central Bureau Tac 2   484.7875
Central Bureau Tac 3   484.8125
Central Bureau Tac 4   484.8375
Central Bureau Tac 5   484.8625
South Bureau Tac 1   507.0375
South Bureau Tac 2   484.3125
South Bureau Tac 3   484.3375
South Bureau Tac 4   484.2875
West Bureau Tac 1   506.8125
West Bureau Tac 2   484.4125
West Bureau Tac 3   484.3875
West Bureau Tac 4   484.3625
Valley Bureay Tac 1   507.0125
Valley Bureay Tac 2   484.8875
Valley Bureay Tac 3   484.9375
Valley Bureay Tac 4   484.9625
Valley Bureay Tac 5   484.9125
Citywide Tac 1   507.0875
Citywide Tac 2   484.6625
Citywide Tac 3   484.7625
Citywide Tac 4   484.4625
Citywide Tac 5   484.6375
Hotshot/K9-Air Hailing   484.7125
Emergency Trigger   507.2625
LAPD Access   484.4375    (ANALOG, not digital)
CLEMARS (Gold-22) 484.2375   (ANALOG, not digital)

Same as they've been using for 15+ years, but they're all digital now.  And my understanding is that the Valley dispatch center is supposed to open within the next two or three months, and about the same time every division
is supposed to get its OWN frequency... no more pairing up divisions except possibly in the early morning hours when things go dead (after 3 or 4 a.m.or so).  I don't know what any of the new frequencies will be.

For the other agencies you asked about, I'd check here.  Since I'm not in L.A. any more, I've quit keeping track of these guys.  Also, a lot of it is encrypted now, and much is APCO digital too, from what I've heard:

ABC... no idea, but they might use the state DOJ freqs of 154.665, 154.68, 154.695.  They hardly ever talk though, and most of the stuff on those freqs is state Narcotics... and scrambled.

OH, the Pro-76.  I have no idea, but I don't think it has 800 mHz, so it maybe as much as 8-10 years old, perhaps less than that.  It was built for R/S by Uniden as I recall.  If you can find a date code of its serial-number
sticker (4 digits, numbers & letters) I can tell you the date.  Maybe something like 0C1D...

Or, if you give me its "FCC ID number" I might be able to find out more that way.

Hope that helps.

From: ntignt007
To: Harry Marnell
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 00:49
Subject: Re: KMA367_Page
Dear Harry:

I would be interested in the Watts riots, audio and whatever you have including the Christopher report.  Send it to me and I promise I will send you a money order "postal" and send it immediately.  You have a great call sign.  Anything you have I would be interested in!

Since I do have a digital radio I can monitor FBI, DEA, Secret Service, ATF, ABC, Us Marshall,  Etc.  Are those the links that will give me the frequencies?  I am interested in anything LAPD and Federal Govt.  Maybe you captured Rodney King, etc.  The north Hollywood incident is very interesting.  B & B Sales Gun store no longer exists.  One of the brothers is in Prison.

Let me know if you have anything else.  I use Corel word Prefect Perfect version 8.  I am not to savvy on importing data and audio.  Maybe you can give me instructions.

Thanks for the LAPD frequencies.  I have most of them except when they go to simplex.  I have those too but as you know you have to be close by.  I am a licensed ham as well.



Steve Hoffman
From: ntignt007
To: Harry Marnell
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Subject: Re: KMA367_Page
My P.O. Box is 3846
Granada Hills, Ca 91394
From: ntignt007
To: Harry Marnell
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Subject: Re: KMA367_Page
Hi Harry:

Are these the most recent? 2001?  and do you have secret service, Us.Marshall etc?  I used to have a book Federal Frequencies and I have misplaced it!


  From: Harry Marnell
To: ntignt007
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 08:23
Subject: Re: KMA367_Page
Yep, all of it is the most recent I know of, though the way radios are today, and with all the emphasis on homeland security and communications "interoperability" things can and do change constantly.

The LAPD stuff is absolutely current

ALL the fed agencies use a lot of DES scrambling, so it's impossible to tell when the uses of a given frequency changes; here are some dates.  My guess that they are all moving around a lot and will be harder and harder to listen to.

FBI is less than a year old (which is "ancient history" nowadays)
ATF - Sept 2001
DEA -    "
Secret Service  - last updated 2/20/2003 -
US Marshal - last updated Sept 2001 -
From: ntignt007
To: Harry Marnell
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 18:21
Subject: Re: KMA367_Page
Will you accept my order for the Watts riots, Christopher Commission, and all other things Rodney King etc.  That we discussed.  I will put a money order in the mail!   All you need to do is to advise me how to hear audio hopefully on one CD and the other how to pop it into the computer and print it?  And if you have anything else of interest throw it in.  Is the link that you gave today Secret Service?  and if so what frequencies do they talk on when the President is in town?  Finally do you know where in this WWW I can get other Federal agencies?  Perhaps you have some friends with some links?

I appreciate all of your help!

God Bless you.


Steve Hoffman