O&K: "Tradition in Innovation"

The Company Homepage modestly proclaims:

Founded in 1876 by Benno Orenstein and Arthur Koppel - their introduction of narrow gauge railways revolutionized the transportation of bulk goods.

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Orenstein & Koppel was founded on April 1, 1876 in Berlin, as a general manufacturing industry. Strong demands led to plant expansion in 1892, and construction of a new factory in Tempelhofin 1894.

By 1900, O&K was specializing in railroad car and equipment manufacturing. The product line ranged from electrical locomotives and other railcars, to rail and switch construction. In 1902 they introduced the first in their line of heavy-construction equipment such as excavators.

After the first World War, Orenstein & Koppel worked with the German National Railways to design and build their "Metropolitan Railway" car series.


Orenstein & Koppel "ET 165" smoker, in their "Metropolitan Railway" line. This car was built in 1928


In 1936, O&K introduced their ET 167 "Olympia" series cars.

After the heavy destruction of their facilities in World War II, they entered a period concentrating on the repair of all types of railcars, and increased their manufacture of general construction equipment.

Later, in the 50's, production included motor coaches and streetcars, as well as double-decker commuter cars for the German Federal Railroads (BVG) in Berlin.

Orenstein & Koppel finally got out of the railroad business entirely in 1981. Since then they have concentrated on solely on excavatory and other construction equipment.

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