Torrance [CA] Fire Departments Delayed Response Times ?

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Note: I have no personal knowledge of this subject, but only post it because of the issues it raises. Is this actually the policy of Torrance Fire Department? Comments from Torrance FD representatives would be especially welcome.

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Subject: Torrance [CA] Fire Departments Delayed Response Times

I have a problem with the Torrance, CA Fire Department policy regarding
incoming BLS units (private ambulance companies).   The ambulance crews are
being made to wait, until the fire department arrives, before they are
allowed to arrive on scene.  This is an obvious neglect issue.  If a BLS
crew arrives, they should enter, unless their safety is in jeopardy.  The
policy currently in effect in Torrance is to delay care until the fire
department can arrive, regardless of the call.   This is a flagrant abuse.
In attempt to make this fire department "look good", care is being delayed.

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Several replies that were possted to the SoCalScan and ScanSoCal lists:

> Actually, Being an EMT here in LA County, I rode with
> Gerber two weekends ago for prospective employment. To
> clarify things from what I saw, they roll right along
> with Fire on 911 calls (We were Code 3 several times).
> They do not wait to be disptached for transport on FD
> calls. From talking to the other EMT's, there are not
> too many times they are "first-in" on scenes. I got
> the impression this was due to FD just plain beating
> them to calls. I did not hear (or see) anything about
> staging and waiting for FD, but I could be wrong!
> Chris

Thanks Chris for claryfing on that. I was speculating on the simultaneous
roll thing due to the fact that some dept's call for the amb. at time of
dispatch and some wait to determine the need for ambulance transport. Each
have their pros and cons. Apparently someone was upset at what they perceive
as a deliberate delay in medical care in the name of being "first on scene"
but this is not the case.

Take care


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> > Private Amb's wait so FD can be
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> > > GAWD!!! if this is true...the policy will last
> > only until someone dies
> > > because a basic airway was not established...does
> > Torrance FD run Medics? or
> > > are they BLS also? At Antioch Ambulance, we used
> > to try to beat fire on
> > > Stockton Ambulance and later AMR in
> > Stockton, Fire and Ambulance
> > > is toned out at the same time so it is not an
> > issue.
> >
> > No there are not delays in either BLS or ALS care.
> > Torrance Fire Dept is the
> > Paramedic provider for their city. They use a
> > private ambulance company for
> > transport purposes only. As is the case in many
> > cities in L.A. County they
> > dispatch a BLS engine company and a ALS paramedic
> > squad. If the need to
> > transport is determined they call for an ambulance.
> > Many agencies such as my own
> > dispatch the engine, squad, and ambulance
> > simultaneously, and some do not. So, I
> > seriously doubt that any airways or other BLS / ALS
> > care is being delayed due to
> > an ambulance.
> >
> > Jeff
> > L.A. Co. F.D.
> >
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