Petaluma Trolley: Living History Railway Museum
Video Clip of Spring Street, L.A., 1898
San Diego Trolley (Unofficial) Home Page
Andy's PACIFIC ELECTRIC Archives, page 1
Andy's L.A. Railway Archives
Andy's San Diego Electric Railway Photos
Bay Area Transit Info
Sacramento Northern On-Line
Bancroft Library California Heritage Images
Many California Traction Photos
PE Long Wharf Line - 1898 film going thru Santa Monica Tunnel .mpg or .mov formats also available
A subscription newsletter covering all aspects of rail transit in North America
Electric Lines in Southern Ontario
Tom's Traction Page
Jon Bell's Rail Transit Pages
New York City Subway Resources
Loren Petrich's Railroad-Yard Page
Philadelphia PCCs Alive and Well in San Francisco
Tom Wetzel's L.A. Transportation Page - Features LARy & PE
Southern California Traction Club (mostly for modelers)
Alpine Division Scale Models (formerly E Suydam & Co)
Ferrocarril Gen. Urquiza - Second home for many PE & Key System Trolleys
San Francisco Cable Car - Interactive Page
California Trolley & Railroad Corporation - San Jose
Need a Working Replica Cable Car?
L.A. Railway #1318 - in Oregon
Electric Railways of Los Angeles - by Ed Vandeventer
Echo Mountain Echoes (Mt Lowe Railway) - Online & Print Subscriptions available
"What Did We Give Up With the Big Red Cars?"
L.A. Railway - Dozens of Car Pics
MORE L.A. Railway Pics
Pacific Electric - Hundreds of Pics from Dave & Volkmer
Pacific Railroad Society's L.A.Railway Cars
The Friends of the Cable Car Museum
Historic Railway Project in Petaluma California
Kenji Hojo's Streetcar Home Page (especially the homepage and "Page 2")
"Light Rail Central" (specifically " post PCC Light Rail vehicles and systems only")
Small Cities and Odds & Ends: Bakersfield, Berkeley, Eureka, Fresno, Laurel Canyon, LA Red Line
Powell & Market, May 1, 1906: "First Trolley after the quake" early film (also available as .mov or .mpg)
Film: 1906 Berkeley Trolley ride: Berkeley Way & Oxford to Hearst & Euclid (parts of old #3 & #4 Lines)
Trolley Postcards
Railroad Park Resort - Sleep in a Caboose! Just 50 miles north of Redding close to Dunsmuir.
San Francisco Muni Information
Save San Francisco Muni Geneva Carbarn
San Francisco Bay Area 9-County Transit Information
San Francisco Muni Central Control
San Francisco Muni Metro Track Maps
San Francisco Muni Streetcar Map - 1995
Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority - VTA - San Jose
The Key System Photos
Sacramento Northern Photos
O.E.R.M. Photos
San Francisco Transit Photos
Western Railway Museum Photos
San Diego Electric Photos
L.A. Angels Flight Photos
Siemens Transportation Systems
Portland OR Tri-Met system and MAX Light Rail
Alt.Binaries.Pictures.Rail NewsGroup ARCHIVE updated First of Month - some CA Transit - Rail
Travel Town
Western Railway Museum at Rio Vista Junction
California Trolley and Railroad Corporation
Orange Empire Railway Museum
Market Street Railway
The Cable Car Home Page : A site about cable cars and tramways all over the world
"CableCars" Onelist Group (almost - but don't call them - Trolleys)
ex-LARy "Huntington Standard" #860 now being restored at Tucson's Old Pueblo Trolley
The KEY System - Railroads of the Bay Area
Want Controversy? "General Motors' Destruction of California Transit Systems"
"L.A. Transportation Timeline" (cool changing image across top of page)
"IRA L. SWETT" short bio by HARRE W. DEMORO - Two California Rail/Traction Legends
Streetcar to the Castro - The "F" Line
PE's San Bernardino Line - Chaffee High School Students take a look back (Good)
USC Look at the Pacific Electric
INTERURBANS Specials #1 - #100
SF Muni Photos - Old Streetcars, PCCs, LRVs, Cables, BART - 398 Photos
Route and Track Maps for San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Portland OR

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