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LA Transit Lines cars awaiting their fate at Wilmington, 1965

From Security First National Bank Historical Collection

Name that site...

From time to time, I'll be posting an unidentified or "questionable" trolley (or train) picture, to see if someone can identify it for us. If you think you have the answer - or if you have a picture you'd like identified - please email me and I'll try to post it.

Perhaps, if there's interest, we can also do some "then and now" location picture comparisons.

Lets start off in Southern California:


Los Angeles: Can you identify the line?

Would this be the Cahuenga Valley Railroad meeting the Temple Street (or West Second St?) Cable Railroad?

Caption says "A little Dummey R.R. that run from the Temple St Cabel R.R. at Hoover St to foot at E Hollywood. The Engineer was 18 years old & his brother the fireman 16."


Inside PE's 6th & Main Station - circa 1946- or is it the Subway Terminal Building?



PE's Sierra Madre Station at Christmastime.

"Old P.E." car at San Gabriel Mission, circa 1905?

PE Combo 607 at Huntington Beach Pier - great "windshield" setup!

Layover? Training session? Bull Session? Photo Op?

Postcard View of the Laurel Canyon Trackless Trolley Line, "America's First."

This independently-operated line ran for a few years into the relatively sparcely-populated canyon area west of Hollywood, just prior to World War I. Not until 1947 did Los Angeles see trolley-buses again.


PE steel Interurban car 1111 at speed westbound near Maycrest on the Northern District's Four-Track Main Line. At left, PE 5051, probably assigned to the Watts-Sierra Vista run, is out of service in the siding. Barely visible in the right distance, behind the third power pole, is an unknown car at Sierra Vista Junction.

And below, the same location today (well, 2002)


Mount Lowe Over the Years

Incline Car "Echo" at Rubio Canyon Pavilion in the late 1890s. The famed Echo Mountain House is barely visible to the right of the top of the Incline.

Typical photo taken as guests arrived at Echo Mountain. Souvenir booklet with the picture would be ready for purchase when they returned from Alpine Tavern.

Incline Car #3, formerly "Alpine," on April 1, 1938 at Echo Mountain. The line has been abandoned, and scrapping and burning of the cars is in the near future.

Twenty-eight years later, on April 11, 1966, this was all your webmaster and friends would find at the top of the Incline...rails and rubble everywhere

The "bull wheel," which for years pulled the Incline cars' cable, had been moved a hundred feet north.

The powerhouse, above left, had been blasted by the Forest it was just a crater.



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