Fact Sheet Issued by Uniden on 12/20/2002


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  DIGITAL READY - APCO 25 digital ready.
  CONTINUOUS BAND COVERAGE (25 MHz TO 1.3GHz) – Allows coverage from virtually every frequency from 25 Mhz to 1.3Ghz excluding cellular bands and UHF TV band, so you can tune into police, fire, weather, ambulance, aircraft, military, ”Ham” radio and much more.
  1,000 CHANNELS – Allows you to program each of the memory channels to store one frequency.
  PREPROGRAMMED SERVICE SEARCHES (12) – This feature allows you to easily search Weather, Public Safety, News, TV Broadcast, Ham Radio, Marine, Railroad, Air, CB Radio, FRS, Racing, and special channel frequencies.
  ALPHA DISPLAY – Allows for alpha tagging display of channel, bank, or search range.
  TRUNKTRACKER III – Search for and monitor all the groups within a specific trunked system. Lock out unwanted groups during the search and save other groups to scan lists (MotorolaTM, EricssonTM, M/A-ComTM, and E.F.JohnsonTM).
  CONTROL CHANNEL ONLY MODE – Allows the user to automatically trunk certain systems by simply programming the control channel.
  S.A.M.E. WEATHER ALERT – This feature allows a user to input a six-digit code (F.I.P.S. code) that will designate a localized severe weather warning. This function will only alert the user of impending weather conditions for their specific area code or codes. These codes may be obtained from the ”National Weather Service” website.
  BACKLIT FULL-FREQUENCY DISPLAY – Shows the channels being scanned and the frequency entered into each channel with an easy-to-read backlit display for enhanced night visibility.
  CLONE FEATURE – Allows for cloning of another scanner’s programmed frequencies. (The two scanners must be connected by a cloning cable for the cloning process to take place.)
  ALPHA TAGGING - Allows the user to assign an alpha description to each channel, trunking talkgroup, and bank.
  CTCSS/DCS – This feature allows the user to assign analog and digital sub-audible tone codes to a specific frequency in memory. The scanner will also search for unknown CTCSS and DCS tones.
  PC PROGRAMMABLE – This feature allows the user to remotely program and control the scanner using Uniden’s E-Scanner Software. Optional baud rates include 2400,4800, and19200 operating through the scanner’s DB-9 RS-232C port.
  BEEP ALERT – This function allows the user to program any channel with an alert that will let the user know that a transmission has come in on a designated channel. This function can be programmed in up to all 1000 channels if desired.
  VFO CONTROL – Allows the user to tune through frequencies, channels, alpha characters and more with the handy VFO tuning knob. (Horizontal VFO on the BC250D.)
  MENU-DRIVEN DESIGN – This function allows advanced programming and control operation through the easy-to-use menu system.

  TOTAL CHANNEL CONTROL – Allows the user to program delay, step, mode (adjustable) priority, attenuation and more on a per-channel basis.

  SEARCH PLUS – This function allows the user to program up to 10 search ranges, autosearch and store, and chain search.

  TRUNK SEARCH – Search for and monitor all the groups within a trunked system. Lockout unwanted groups during the search and save other groups to scan lists.

  TRUNK LOCKOUT – Lockout groups you don’t wish to monitor, (including data groups) from the trunked system.

  TRUNK DELAY – Apply a five second delay to trunking groups so that both sides of a conversation can be heard, even if the trunking frequencies change between replies.

  ONE TOUCH WEATHER – Automatically scans all National Weather channels with a single touch.

  TURBO SCAN – This lightning-fast technology allows you to scan and search nearly 100 channels or steps per second.

  MEMORY BACKUP – Retains frequencies entered for more than 3 days without batteries or during a power failure

  PROGRAMMABLE SEARCH – Allows you to find new frequencies in any of the bands.

  MANUAL CHANNEL ACCESS – Go directly to any channel without stepping through other channels.



Same features as BC250D, plus:

  RECORD FUNCTION – Allows the user to designate a channel to be recorded by an external device. The user will be able to select between ON and OFF. The default setting is OFF. An icon will appear in the LCD when a channel has been assigned the record feature (requires an external recording device).



  Our line of digital scanners, utilizing the BCi25D card, will monitor APCO 25 conventional, trunked at 3600 baud and mixed-mode at 3600 baud digital systems.


  BC250D, Bci25D, and BC785D will be available in January, 2003. (Subject to change.)

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