The only regular waiting station built so far is at the Woodland terminus. Here an important corner of the Main Street [at 2nd Street] was purchased, the lot extending [south] through the block to the next parallel street [Lincoln Avenue]. The station occupies the entire front of the lot and ex­tends along the side street [2nd St] for about the same dis­tance. The track enters the station at the corner, taking a diagonal course through the building in a sweeping curve to the inside property line.


The building has a gravel stucco finish and is the modified California Mission style of architecture giving a pleasing ef­fect and is a distinct addition to the general appear­ance of the street. On the left are the baggage and express rooms, while on the right is the ticket office and behind it and opening on the arcade is a com­modious waiting room adjoining which to the rear are lavatories and storerooms. The arcade is paved with square red tile, and aside from its artistic ar­rangement forms a shelter for passengers who desire to remain outside in rainy weather.


In the rear of the station facing the side street is a freight house 60 ft. by 30 ft. with an extended loading, platform. The yard, which is 418 ft. long and 113 ft. wide, contains eight tracks with a total capacity for about 30 cars.