5411 Brookside Road
Weed, CA 96094
Phone: (530) 938-3315
Fax: (530) 938-1703
Email: pacificbill@snowcrest.net

Handling your Interior Telephone Needs.

Pacific Bill is home to Bill Blanchard, an expert telephone systems technician with over 40 years of experience. Ever since deregulation of phone service was put into effect by the government, it is considered the homeowner's responsibility to handle all wiring beyond the network interface jack (NIJ).

The NIJ is small, usually grayish box that is normally found on the side of your home or apartment building. It represents the end of your phone company's obligation to provide service. Though most phone companies are willing to perform services and repairs beyond this point at a set fee, Pacific Bill would like to give you an alternative.

Pacific Bill can provide a wide range of internal telephone wiring services, including the installation of inside wiring, extra lines, more jacks, and even basic internal troubleshooting. He will always provide prompt expert service throughout Siskiyou county under California License #758719.

If you are in need of expert telephone repairs at great prices, contact Pacific Bill today.

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