(Print# KILLARNEY-8)
Fern lined stream near Troc Falls

The following pages consist of landscape photography that I have done over the years. I've made quite a few trip's to the British Isles so the majority of my landscapes are of this region. My trips there are taken in the late Fall or early Spring as the lighting is quite spectacular at that time of the year.

All of the photos were taken using negative film in cameras from 35mm to large format. More recent additions were made using digital cameras.

All B&W & Color photos are printed on Inkpress Photochrome (240gsm) paper with a gloss finish however some photos may be printed on matte paper depending on the subject. Prints are made using a Canon Pro 9000 printer with Chromalife 100 inks.11X14 prints are protected by a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing.
Orders are shipped by Priority Mail within (five) working days of receipt of order.

Photographs shown on this website are scanned at a low resolution and do not reflect the final quality of the photograph.

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