All Photography courtesy of:
Jane English at EarthHeart

All Photography courtesy of:
Jane English at EarthHeart


The Truth of the Brotherhood

of Mt. Shasta's

Mystical, Magical, Sacred, Holy Mountain

Mount Shasta, known for its flying saucers, lenticular clouds, elemental lights on the mountain, bigfoot, spiritual beings and spiritual teachings. Also home for the power centers of Sand Flat, Squaw Creek and North Gate. But, unlike Sodona, the entire mountain is a power center. It is the only holy, sacred, spiritual place in the world that magnifies the very energy that each individual vibrates in! To many, best described as a loving, caring, magical, mystical, sacred and healing energy. At the same time it promotes peace, relaxation, meditation and concentration.

For hundreds of years Mt. Shasta was considered a Holy Mountain by Native American's and people with like consciousness who would be caught up by its splendor and awesome snow mantle. Many stories of the Brotherhood and or Lamurians that lived in The Temple inside The Mountain and its Spiritual Truth have been recorded.

Many have experienced seeing or otherwise communicating with these entities. Many have brought back pictures of what they saw as the entrance doorways. Various descriptions, spiritual teachings, and thoughts have been channeled by Tibetan Buddhist Priests, I AM foundation leaders, Hindu Masters, and Nola Van Valler. Almost without exception, each person is taken into the temple by the Brothers. No one finds them; They find you, and thus you are taken into the Mountains Sacred Temple.

Is it real? Is it in spirit only? Is it self hypnosis? It could be any of these! Those who enter The Mountain are usually not of special title or position. It seems as if determination is one of the prime factors for being located by the Brotherhood. So what is important? Simple; be the best YOU that is possible, and set off with courage and patience to find the Entrance.

One of the many mysteries are the Lights that can flash on and off all over the Mountain during the night and sometimes during the day. This has been witnessed by myself, my friends, and spiritual students. We present here the adventures of just a few of the students and The Friends of Mt. Shasta.

One evening while camping at Sand Flat, a small group of us were talking of our hopes of seeing the Brothers. Among this group was David Asprey and Mike Ambrisco. As we watched the sun disappear behind the Mountain, four figures formed at the other side of the flat area. They seemed to be wearing monks robes, and one was somewhat shorter than the other three. Each of the group witnessed The Brothers appearance. But, the convincing part happened the next mourning.

We were up early for a visit to Yreka, CA, just 27 miles north of Mount Shasta. As we neared the Weed Airport on Interstate Five, one of our group had a Polaroid Camera, and wanted to take a picture of that side of the mountain. We stopped long enough for him to take the picture. While the picture developed we started up again toward Yreka. It turned out that as the picture developed, the image of the Four Brothers was on the picture, with the same shorter monk standing in the same place as the night before.

David Asprey's story is just as amazing. One day a number of years ago, David and myself climbed to Squaw Creek Area, once again looking for The Entrance. Because it is usually best for persons who are seeking, to travel by themselves, I left David near Squaw Creek Road. I waited for David for at least 3 hours. When we met at the road, he started relating his experience; further up on the road, he started following a single set of footprints in the dirt. They led him up to the crest of the Squaw Creek Ridge, then continued through the manzanita bushes. David had to crawl on his hands and knees to follow the trail of footprints. Then, as he reached an area close to a steep fall, he saw a small Stone Altar about 12" X 5". Resting on the altar was a Quartz Crystal. He picked up the crystal and returned to our meeting place. David has this Crystal, even today.

Another successful trip to Sand Flat brought together a real estate agent, a bank manager, and a student of Mount Shasta Lights. It has been Mount Shasta Lights policy to assist as many students as possible to experience their true spiritual nature. Dennis has lived in Mt. Shasta for over twenty years and never experienced The Lights on the Mountain. The bank manager Patricia, has lived in the area for many years and desired to experience the Mountain Lights. The student was looking forward to the night on the mountain. After arriving at Sand Flat and parking the car, we all took our seats facing Avalanche Gulch. Within minutes, without my coaching, all three were noticing the light show coming from the summit and surrounding area. We have experienced times when the entire area would light up from elementals.


My name is Don Wright, and I was a friend and student of the late Arthur Ford, the founder of The Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. I have over 40 years experience in the metaphysical world, starting at Largo, Florida, about forty one years ago. A small group from Largo was formed consisting of Nick Jones, Robert Klien, Ruth, and myself. During this time we became involved in calling UFO's. Then came five years on the Tampa, Florida Police Department, where psychic ability was put to the test. Two burglars per year were apprehended at the scene of the crime, for five consecutive years. Since that time I have taught in the United States and the Philippines.

The application of healing through laying on of hands, magnetic, spiritual, prayer, and psychic has always been my primary focus. For twenty years I have provided instruction to students and others interested in these spiritual practices in the Mt Shasta area.

We are seeking world-wide prayer group members. All requests for prayer and healing are free of charge.

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