Gold Mining in Siskiyou County - A Digital Collection

Mining is a major part of the history of Siskiyou County. Millions of dollars in gold were retrieved from the rocky rivers and streams of the County. Gold was first discovered in the Yreka area in 1851 and within just a few months 2,000 miners were working in the area. The town was named Yreka and incorporated in 1857. Even today there is recreational and small-scale mining practiced in our County.

The collection of the Siskiyou County Library contains valuable mining history in documents, clippings, and microfilm. The Library will be making these resources available on the Internet beginning with the 1915 California State Mining Report on Siskiyou County. Other resources will be added as time and resources allow.

For information concerning the Gold Mining Collection please call the reference desk at the Siskiyou County Library at (530)841-4178.

November, 2000.
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