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Can Higher-Order Thinking Skills Be Taught By Distance Learning?

Seeking Work Assignments That I Can Do From My Home And in the meantime,
Growing Internet busynesses in herbs and in plants
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Still Sifting Thru The Archives
I am also publishing the best of my peace
activist archives and other writings about
Time Matrix Translation,   on these web pages.
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On the "backburner"
  Proposal for a More Humane Social SafetyNet

Still Sifting Thru The Archives

For some of the most revealing of my writings over the last 25 years, put out here for you to learn how a philosopher-futurist thinks. Most of these documents are actual peace activist documents, click here 
Welcome To My World
Some Indexed Internet Pages

What is a futurist?    A person who knows that we can consciously create our own futures,    like writing stories in a giant Cosmic Computer.       A person who understands how we can adapt creatively to inevitable change.

"Project Ahead Into A Probable Future Universe 
Of Our Own Conscious Construction,
And Not Into A Probable Future Universe 
Of Our Own Worst Fears (Paranoia)"

For instance,  here is another futurist

A Rebeginning,    In Progress

My fat self,    early in 1994.

This is my Fall of  1994 "makeover" picture.
I don't usually curl my hair and put so much makeup on. 

I am an expert on the brain,  stress and nutrition,  from a unique viewpoint,   and one that does not conform to that generally sought by county governments. 

I am a lifelong learner,    focusing on herbs and nutrition,   plants,    computers,    and law,   mostly.

My stress and nutrition database is at
or you can get the whole thing in zip format,   at 

A search engine is at

Later in 1994,  after detoxification
I am working on my second ten megabytes of home page space. It was about then that I had just gotten the color scanner.

Other interesting pages are in

Some Relevant Favorite Books


An Integrated Thinking Model
Learning How To Learn How To Learn
A book outline and proposal to empower teachers to use the InterNet technology to create hypertext lesson plans, and tests that grade themselves, so that more people can be involved in life-long learning, to both increase their jobskills, so that we can have more PLUS EARNERS, paying money into the Treasury, but also to help people have something constructive to do, and to develop their thinking muscles.

Old, wornout universes die off and new universes are born at every second of time,    and we can carry whatever we want into the next worlds.
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It is hard to answer intelligently, when all I get is a few words, and a first name.
I meet some of the most intelligent people on the web,  this way.

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also known as  SHARI SOZA ENTERPRISES,   mostly a "glorified computer hobby";
former software developer  Personal Sovereignty Support Systems,
always a Philosopher Futurist,   Time-Matrix Translation,  Creating A Future
NutriZen\ BodyEquations,    currently a member of Mensa.



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