I thought that I knew all there was to know about how we create our own futures, and thought that no one would ever understand me,    unless they also had the same scientific and programming background,  but then I discovered that many of the same ideas,   in slightly different words,  had become mainstream "new management talk".    The same Inner Infinite Intelligence that had told me my "ideas",    had also spoken thru "new management" writers,   like Peter Senge,   and  Deming.

Of course,   because PLANNING AHEAD involves the same mechanisms of the TimeSpace Matrix as I had realized in terms of Chemistry and Physics,    and in terms of mental "software",  over at least a ten-year period.    This had started about when I did a senior Chemistry seminar on  "Elementary Particles and the Interface Between Matter and Energy",   in 1968,   then had started working in assembly language on mini-computers.

The secret is that we constantly CREATE OUR OWN FUTURE REALITIES by the thoughts that we CHOOSE to let our minds dwell on.

You don't really need to understand it as deeply as I do,   about how the atoms are not solid balls,  but are really a pattern of energy in a vortex,     that vibrate at a certain frequency,   for you to use this knowledge to learn how to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE YOUR OWN PROBABLE FUTURE.

Just think of the atoms and molecules of your body AS-IF THEY WERE RECORDING MEDIA,  like videotape or audiotape.

Your physical body is the shadow of your energy body,   like a "photographic image".     The energy body is vibrating like light or sound waves,    and this I call "Thought Frequency".     The vibrational frequency of your thoughts,   of your "self talk",     gets recorded into your physical body's atoms and molecules,   like on magnetic recording tape.

Every atom is the resultant of all the other atoms that surround it.    There is no real separation in the TimeSpace Matrix.    It is a continuum.    Therefore,     If you raise the level of consciousness of your own body's atoms and molecules,   you also raise the level of consciousness of all the other atoms and molecules,   EVERYWHERE.    [Dirac's Ocean and Ghandhian "Truth Firmness"]

So,   when you control--- or CHOOSE--- your "thought frequency focus",    you are making recordings of the kinds of subjects that you want to happen in your future.    In the multi-dimensional world we live in,    this means that you will wake up in a future where these subjects "manifest",   or "happen".   In my understanding of the TimeSpace Matrix,    it is all really like software in a giant Cosmic Computer.      There is a level where Past, Present and Future  all co-exist,    just that Past and Future are "folded up",   like being "encoded" into a zip file,   whereas Present is "manifest",   or "expanded".    If you say something,   it "already happened",   in another layer of reality.

I have become tired of all the half-hearted,   seemingly insincere efforts at stimulating the local job economy of my county,   Siskiyou County.     In the years since I came to Yreka in mid 1976,     I have tried,  many times,   to influence the local job economy,     in various ways,   only to come up against obstacles that get things "stuck",     and finally I realized that whoever is in most control of the overall "vision" for this county,     wants it this way.    They want the wages low.   They want the jobs scarce,   so that people will want to move back to "the city",    and not stay here.

Whoever it is,    they are completely fearful that if a lot of people move in here,   it will harm the forest.   Others are fearful that more population would mean all the evils of "the city" that we moved here to escape.

These policies are the cause of
so many families having a hard time making a decent living here,   and having to fall back on using welfare to survive,  and all the drug and alcohol abuse,   domestic violence,   child abuse,   and other stress-related problems;
so many young people having to leave the area as soon as they graduate from high school,  in order to make a decent living,   and the loneliness of having your grown children and grandchildren off at-a-distance;

low wages,   because there are too many people applying for every job opening;

the difficulty most businesses have  in becoming prosperous,   because there are just not enough customers for any business here;

the lack of sufficient tax income to all the local public entities,   because if you export most of your young people,    they go somewhere else,  and the taxes they pay get sent to that other town or city,   after we paid for their schooling here;

the high percentage of elderly,  people who retire here,    and stay until they die;    generally contributing to a tired,  non- energetic local emotional climate.

We are exporting much of our highest energy age group,   that goes out and earns their living,   and pays taxes,    and also produces the children that are the new generation.    The mood is increasingly low energy,    depressed,   no feeling of "hustle and bustle",   an abnormal kind of community.

And this takes its toll on the people who are hired to try and stimulate the local economy.    After a while,   they are affected by this energy-draining mood,    and they give up too,  power- less to overcome the inertia and stagnation of this self- defeating cycle.

No one knows how to fix it.

So,  the only way to overcome the effect of this "vision" that wants the population here sparse,   and the jobs almost non-existent,   is to teach everyone how to create their own future,   how to create their own job,  how to start new companies,   here.

And how to constantly raise the level of consciousness of your body's atoms and molecules,   to "rise above"  the  stuck layer of reality,   and create a new,  energetic layer of reality.

Over the years since I began realizing my own particular verbalization of how we create our own future,    I have evolved a simple method of defining the next lunar cycle or the next solar cycle,  at pivotal times,   when the energies between the largest nearby objects,   the Sun and the Moon,  converge,   and then diverge.     The total cycle between these nodal points,    I call a "gestalt".

Without getting too bogged down in the deeper Chemistry and Physics or in the computer programming terms that I realized it in,    I can teach a simple "game" of structuring your wish list,  or your prayer list,    whichever way you prefer to call it,     so that you can learn how to




The name for this "game" of Defining Your Own Future is called
"Time Matrix Translation".
Simplified,    the "wish list" format is at

In keeping with this theme,   I would like to invite the staff of all the local employment and job related agencies to a SUMMIT MEETING,    where we can BRAINSTORM about raising the level of efforts to improve the  Job Opportunities for the average Siskiyou County citizen.

I have the impression that no matter how hard you try,    you are also discouraged about there not being enough jobs here,    and that you are too tired to get much farther than just securing the funding for your own jobs for another year or two,    and then you fall back under the power of the stuck,    stagnant   anti-growth  "vision".

If we could somehow just dissolve the County of Siskiyou,   and be annexed to the County of Shasta and the City of Redding,    they could teach us how to do this right!!!

With the disappearance of more and more of the traditional local industries,   and together with the necessity of getting everyone back to work,   and paying in taxes,   instead of collecting a welfare or other kind of government check,     all of these limitations are finally ripe for a solution!!!

The new theme is

We are not "out in the boonies" anymore.
We are 60 seconds away from everywhere!

Now come find out what you need to know to make your own Internet business".

The Process Technology Training Center,   a program of the Yreka Campus of the College of the Siskiyous,    can help you learn about taking courses in these subjects:

How to use the Internet
How to make web pages the easy way
How to publicize your web pages
How to use the online auction to advertise
How to use free classifieds and ad newsgroups
Desktop Publishing to make brochures and flyers
Word processing with WordForWindows
How to communicate with customers thru email
How to figure shipping costs
How to do packaging and shipping
How to keep track of the expenses and income

If there are not enough students for a whole "class" of any of these subjects,    you should be able to pursue your own "self-directed" course,   where you learn how to pursue your own train of thought,   to learn whatever it is about technology that will help you to realize your dream.

Many of the courses fit this model,   are "project-oriented",   "self-directed",   and "experiential".

But,   before this will work for a lot of people,    we need more funding support from the college,    and more commitment from students to come and take the courses.   If you want these facilities,   you have to come and sign up for the classes.

Originally,    I believe,   the Process Technology Training Center,   was funded at least partially,   with money designed for retraining displaced loggers,   forestry workers thrown out of jobs due to the "Spotted Owl" orders to stop or reduce logging.    But not enough "loggers" are interested in this kind of training,    and it is time to redefine the purpose of the Process Technology Training Center.

As a facility with many courses designed to be "self-directed",    that would fill the needs of many local people to be retrained in newer,   more technical job skills,  so that they can get family-wage,  high-paying work.

It is  "learner-controlled instruction",    where the student designs his or her own course,   as far as what to focus on.

But before this will work for everybody,    we need more staff,    and of course,  more "resources",   more computers and software,   more "technology".     Most of all,   we need a fulltime "resource librarian",   to check out the "toys",     to the students.

I have been taking courses there since the Fall of 1995,    after hearing the first four-hour lecture from the program director  Milan Vodicka,    and feeling synapses going off all over my head,   the feeling of "my Life falling into place",    like this is where I belong.

I originally went there to study AutoCAD,   and learn how to do houseplans,    but I was so motivated by Milan's talk about his teaching methods,   that he created "metanoia" in me,   and I ended up studying his teaching methods,    above all,    during these years,    with the intention to become a college teacher or courseware developer (technical writer assisting a teacher).   Many of my projects there have focused on  things that I learn,  from observing the kind of wholistic teaching method that he uses.

I receive a widow's pension from the VA,   and have been trying various self- employment ideas here,   since my husband died in late 1992.     But,  most of all,   I am a computer hobbyist,    and a philosopher-futurist writer,   now down- sizing my packrat accumulation,    publishing some of the best of my memoirs on the Internet,   and preparing to move closer to my son and his family in Redding.   Ravi is one of those Yreka High School graduates who had enough "gumption" to move to a better economy.    He met his wife Sheri at Shasta College.

If I could,   I would want to do volunteer work at the Process Technology Training Center,   forever,     but it has become obvious that I cannot keep on living on this widow's pension with a little bit of self-employment income.

I have actually decided to try and get a "real job",  even if that means moving from my home of 18 years,   and my fruit trees and big organic garden.

But,  before I go,  permanently,   I want to make myself available to agencies and groups,   to churches and clubs,   wherever you would like to talk about these subjects,    so that I can help energize you to carry on this work,  after I am gone.

I would like to help initiate several activities or projects that would help to provide work for more people.    Even when I find that "real job" in Redding,   I will be living back and forth for a while,    until I can get my "old house" renovations completed,    and get it ready to sell,   and moving some of my plants to my new location.

I will be available to assist with brainstorming and technical support on setting up these new agencies or companies.

Some of these ideas work well with the use of the Process Technology Training Center to learn how to do things,  with new technology,   and with computers.   For instance,   a contractor referral agency for construction contractors.    Contractors might benefit from learning AutoCAD,   the computer drafting program,    and being able to make their own houseplans.

I would like to hold "TeamWorks" nights,  where people can mingle to make support teams,  to realize their dreams.   [Read the book   TeamWorks:   Building Support Groups That Guarantee Success]

This might be similar to the "Guilds" of the Middle Ages,    where each craft and trade had their own "clubs".

I would like to help each "Guild" understand how we can each learn how to project a more prosperous future for ourselves,   collectively and individually.

In a perfect Utopian world,    a college would be the local organization that would take care of providing job-finding assistance,    as a continuum with providing skill-learning assistance.     In reality,    our local college seems so strained for funding,    that they miss many opportunities for taking the leadership in this vital function.   Maybe every department is under-staffed,   and everyone is working 4 or 5 jobs.

To fill the needs of the students should be the first priority.   That would mean offering learning experiences and activities not limited to the fixed classroom,    not limited to the beginning and end of semesters,   not limited to earning a letter grade,   but in gaining true competency.

An ideal local community college would not be hard to gain entrance to,   and the students would receive personalized assistance in achieving the goals that the student wants to achieve.   They would also be led to the quickest way to find family-wage,  high-paying work,   when they feel ready to be competent at that work.

In our county,   the local community college leadership seems to be thinking too much like a junior college,   focused on just the two years after high school,    and getting students ready for a four-year college;
and seems inadequate to providing real growth opportunities for all the age groups,   especially the age groups that need retraining in the latest jobskills,    that would enable them to go back to work,    and become self sufficient again.

To fulfill the real needs of the "retraining"  paradigm,   the local college would be smarter to design courses that could be started any month of the year,   and not make people wait for the start of a new "semester".

We need more funding to obtain more  "programmed instruction",  subjects where we can use CD-ROMs with interactive tutorials on them,   and the student can pursue them at their own pace,    not limited to a classroom speed,    and that do not require much teaching by the instructor.

We need more funding to obtain more PCs (refurbished OK),   more tables and chairs,   to initiate more people into using personal computers,   and enable more of this "self-directed" learning.     The PC is the perfect learning machine.

We should emphasize courses that teach  computer software applications that small business owners would benefit from learning,  like Quicken,   Microsoft Office,   and  QuickBooks,  etc.

We should advertise the "management courses",  that Milan teaches,   Systems Theory,    about  team learning  and project management,   and Quality Management,   about customer satisfaction,    continuous improvement,    and project management,   skills that make the students highly employable,  and a valuable asset to any company.

Ideally,   we would find some way that business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs can take these management courses in a group situation,   starting each month,  or each quarter,  perhaps,   some way that exposes more people to these "new management talk"  ideas.

Since writing these paragraphs,  I have realized how many of these subjects are being taught.    Then we need to do a better job of publicizing it,   and getting the students started in utilizing these classes.

We need to develop more of these subjects into "distance learning" courses,  that can be pursued over the Internet,   and from interactive CD-ROMs,  as "lessons on disks",   especially because our county is so spread-out,  and so many students live hours from either Yreka or Weed campuses.     If ever a county needed "distance learning",  it is Siskiyou County.

We need "tests that grade themselves",   with each course,  so that the student can go at their own pace,    in a linear or hypertext sequence,     and more students can learn whatever they want to learn,    without overburdening the teachers.    I can say this because I already figured that part out.

The Internet as the extended "virtual university",    which it obviously is,   is the biggest improvement we could possibly hope for,   to help improve the local Siskiyou County job economy.

It is the best chance anyone has to "make their own job",   as an Internet business.

So,   I invite local groups and clubs,   agencies and organizations,   trade associations and guilds,    to learn about how we can learn to create a more hopeful,  positive future,    and how we can challenge the local community college to better fulfill the needs of the local people,   as I have described above.


Shari Soza
My job proposal to the City of Redding
A Philosopher-Futurist As A Change Manager

My real passion
Can Higher-Order Thinking Skills Be Taught By Distance Learning?

Old, wornout universes die off and new universes are born at every second of time, and we can carry whatever we want into the next worlds.

An important principle here to remember,   is that we begin Life,   growing inside our Mother's body,    and all our body's atoms and molecules are constantly recording our Mother's Heart Beat,   as well as our own Heart Beat.    These two sounds form a Carrier Frequency within our atoms and molecules.    In a very real sense,    our Heart Beat is our most fundamental vibratory energy,  the thing that most unifies us.

And,  we all perform better in a group,    with at least one other Being.

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