Initial Search Page Instructions

Now available,    in a crude fashion,     a search engine that will find all the files on my website that have the words you choose.    I wanted one that would focus on the NZdata subdirectory,  and just those NutriZen\BodyEquations files.    So far,   the one I have searches the entire website,    so you will just have to ignore those other pages,   unless you have plenty of time on your hands.

The titles of the pages in the database will all say   "NZdata\",   then the filename of the file.

The search page is

There is not much in them about herbs,   but lots about stress and nutrition of other varieties.

If you are looking for information about herbs,     see my herbal links page,

It is possible that someday in the future,    I might develop a database focused on the herbs,    but for now,   it is not on my agenda.     Please submit questions about what herbs to take to my message board,     and then when I answer there,     others can also benefit from the time spent to reply.    I will also send you email when I reply.