I live in Yreka,      and am looking for a challenging job somewhere near Yreka or Redding,    where my only child and his family live.     In the meantime,    I am looking for simpler work that can be done from my home,  telecommuting.    Moving South is inevitable,     and a telecommuting work at home job will help facilitate it.

I am a Mensan,    54,    a widow,    semi-retired,     and recently added about 30 more hours of college units,     much of it studying the "wholistic teaching methods" of Milan Vodicka,    the Director/ Instructor of the Process Technology Training Center in Yreka.    It is a branch of the College of the Siskiyous.
[My B.S. was in Chemistry,    1968,    from what is now  Lamar University,    in Beaumont,   Texas.]

I recently took  Systems Theory twice,   and Quality Management.

I am interested in work in teaching,    management,   and  distance learning technologies.

2)     In the meantime,     I am seeking any web page design work that you might be currently paying for,   or I can tutor by email,    on how to do web page design work yourself.     I have had my own website since Fall of 1995.

Is anybody interested in  "Tests That Grade Themselves"?    I would like to see more teachers have more free time,   time to be rested,   and more creative,    more mentally integrated.     A key to this would be to have more and more  "Tests That Grade Themselves".

3)    I can help you find lots of recycled and new computer hardware,     software,     and  books,    on the online auction that I frequent,     starting at    http://www.ebay.com/
I never buy retail anymore.

4)   I recently applied for a job with the City of Redding,     and gathered together a lot of my writings,  thru this web page,    and it includes links to recent resumes online.

5)   My main home page starts at
where you can find pictures of me.

6)   I am proficient at Windows 95 and Microsoft Office 97 (including Word).    I also use Quicken,  and QuickBooks,

7)  My late husband taught me to be a paralegal,    and after he died,   I took about half the courses in College of the Siskiyous Legal Assistant program and made A's in them.    I have been on the Internet since Fall of 1995,    and can do research thru web search engines.

8)  I can do desktop publishing with Microsoft Publisher.

9)  I can do flowcharts with a program called AllClear.

If you learn of any job openings that would fit my skill set,    and interests,     I would appreciate learning about them,    so that I can apply for them.

Shari Soza
349 N Oregon St
Yreka CA 96097
updated March 11,  2000

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