Silent Wish, Spring of 1967

".....I utilized knowledge that was revealed to me over the years, after the spring of 1967, when I was involved in transporting Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of Edgar Cayce, noted mystic/psychic, in our home town. I made a wish similar to the one Edgar Cayce had made, to be given gifts, with which to help mankind, and that night was visited by higher spiritual (non-material) beings, who I came to call "angels", who activated my heart chakra, and then later that spring, activated my solar plexus. A form of baptism, I now believe. Over the years, a style of near-"automatic writing" emerged, wherein I was able to write or type things that I was not able to understand, and then later, I understand."

Excerpted from a writing of February 13, 1985

Notes added 10-10-96
The current term for "automatic writing" would be "channeling". I never did need to go to sleep, like Edgar Cayce, to tap these talents. A recent test similar to the Myers-Briggs personality type test, found me strongly intuitive, but otherwise nearly balanced.

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