"Never Lose Your Place In The Book Of Life!"

Go And Get A New Box Of 25 Hanging File Folders

Get An Archive Box And Put Plastic Binder Spines On The Top Long Edges

Hang The New File Folders In The Archive Box.

The Name For The End Of The Box Is " The Book Of Life",
Subtitled CHOICES And Directions

You Are Now Going To Organize Your Goals\Wishes In These Files.
You May Need To Have More Boxes And More Files Before You Are Thru.

This Will Help You Never Again Misplace These Very Important Files.

Periodically, You Are going To Glance Thru These Files And Use Them To
Help Center Yourself Mentally, So That You Can See Clearly How To Choose A Direction For Your Goals.

Reminding Yourself Of All The Really Neat Things That You Have Done In Your Life Will Improve Your Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence.

Working At Realizing Your Mistakes On The Goals That You Were Not Able To See Manifested In Your Life Will Help You Understand How To Set Your Goals More Intelligently.
Change Your Approach. Learn How To Rephrase Your Goals So That Your Wishes Will Work Better.

Remember, Your Human Biocomputer Is Directly Connected To The Cosmic Computer, Thru The Center Of All Your Atoms And Molecules, And It Will Try To Project You Into Any Level Of Consciousness That You Select, Within The Set Of Multiple Uni-Verses That Make Up The Fabric Of The Reality That We Exist Within.

It Is A "Selectible Universe". If You Can Conceive Of An Idea, It Already Exists In Another Non-Manifest Level Of All-That-Is. Then, Your Task Is To Translate Into The Level Where It Has Already Happened.

You Will Use These Goals Files To Help Center Yourself And Bring Your Awareness To Your Highest Self, Where You Can See Things Clearly, And You Can Make Well-Considered Decisions.
Periodically, You Will Want To ReOrganize These Goals Definition Files, And Add Some New Ones, And Remove Some Completed Tasks And Put Them Into Another Box.

If Anyone Ever Takes These Boxes Away From You, They Will Be Violating Your Rights To Privacy, Your Rights To Stay Focused In Your Highest Level Of Consciousness, Your Highest Level Of Brainwave Coordination, Your Own Higher Self.

Be Sure To Never Record Negatives Unless You Desire To Turn OFF A Certain Frequency Or Level Of Consciousness.


Arrange These Goals Definitions Files Into Layers Of Sharability.
Never Share Your Innermost Layer Of Goals With Anyone, At Least Not Until Several Years Have Passed.

Arrange All Your Personal Papers Parallel To These Goals Definitions Files.

Be Careful What You Wish For,
Because You Might Get It.

To Keep Your "Book Of Life" In Order, Look Thru Your Goals List The Last
Thing Before Going To Bed At Night, And The First Thing When You Wake Up In The Morning. You Can Even Listen To An Audio Tape Of Your Goals While You Sleep, If You Have A Tape Recorder That Will Keep On Playing, Like An Old-Style Eight-Track Tape. Your Body Will Continue To RECORD All Night Like A Tape Recorder, Whatever It Hears.

Copyright, 1988-1996 Shari {Seth} Soza dba SHARI SOZA ENTERPRISES; Personal Sovereignty Support Systems, Philosopher Futurist Consultant, NutriZen\ BodyEquations, Mensan, Time-Matrix Translation, Reality Change Consultant, Management Consultant, Stress Depletion Consultant, Dispute Resolution, Creating A Future