Gestalt Definition Phase:

Recorded.......................From ___________ To _____________
Defining The Period......From ___________ To _____________

Choose Levels-Of-Consciousness

Turn ON the following Levels-of-Consciousness / Thought - Frequencies
In The Planetary Memory / Mass Unconscious (Set Toggle ON) :
[ Here list your structions. Next-step changes work best. ]

RE-Order/RE-Organize the following Levels-of- Consciousness / Thought - Frequencies Already ON, In The Planetary Memory / Mass Unconscious, At A Higher Level-of- Complexity / Order / Organization:
[ Here list your structions. Next-step changes work best. ]

DE-Story the following Levels-of-Consciousness / Thought - Frequencies, Turning Them OFF in the Planetary Memory / Mass Unconscious (Set Toggle OFF):
[ Here list your structions. Next-step changes work best. ]

Make Recordings Of These Thoughts

Recordings are writing, speeches, tape recording, videotaping, filming, and any kind of change of state, like plants growing, painting the walls, or striking commemorative medals. All artists know this. Use positive affirmative statements, except to deliberately De-Story something.

Dwell On This 72 Hours Before Winter Solstice,
Or New Moon, Or Eclipses

Avoid distractions and side-tracking until the 72-hour period of convergence then divergence is over. This is the best time to plant seeds into the future.

Whenever you raise the consciousness of your own atoms and molecules, this helps to raise the consciousness of all atoms and molecules, because every atom is the resultant of all the forces impinging on it. These drawings demonstrate the inter- connectedness of the unified field. Example 1 And this one. Example 2

The "Universe" is really a selectible, multi-dimensional continuum of "Uni-Verses". WE CHOOSE Which Levels-Of-Consciousness That We Desire To Unfold Or Manifest By Our Choice Of Thoughts, What Subjects We Put Our Attention Upon.

Past, Present & Future really all exist in the Now. Just that Past & Future are folded up, unmanifest. It is all like software. Past & Future are like folded up in a .ZIP file.

(c) Shari Soza 1970-1995