Written at a rest area or campground, in summer of 1972 the voice of a loving and benevolent Supreme Being comes thru "Close and closer to the knife-edge,
Farther and farther from the safety of the city,
Less and less barrier between you and death,
Danger very close, natural danger, even in mild forms,
Can get a fear cycle started,
Quiet, aloneness, nothingness, leave room for the
emptiness inside to surface, to blare out:

{Change of voice here, from my personal expression above, to that of the Higher SELF}

'This is not all!
There's more to life!

Your secure little world is nothing really.
I can take it from you with one tidal wave
or lightning bolt or fire.

You are my pets.
I take care of you if you obey my laws.
If you step too far outside my laws, you are gone.

I have plenty of you.
I take care of you.
I help you whenever you are scared
enough or down enough to listen.

I am always here,
Yet you hardly ever listen.

See my play!
See my oceans, see my cliffs!

All my idea, set to unfold in proper time,
because I was bored.

The story is getting interesting again.

My children are finding that their toys break,
their pennies get lost, and their "loves" are
not always real.

They are again beginning to listen.
They are tiring of their war games and
getting nearly ready for oneness again.

The play is not over yet,
Until all the children join hands for the finale.

They forget their lines,
and forget that I am here with queue cards,

Until something inside hurts, feels strong,
Something that makes them aware
Again of their aloneness.

Their fear is my signal.
Their care automatic if they let me take over.
When they interfere, they sometimes mess things up.

I do not care thru which name they invoke me.
But only that they do not interfere,
that they not try to figure it out for themselves.

If believing that a person or movement is the way to me,
if that keeps them from interfering in my natural laws,
then it is true, It is good.

My plan is all set.

Things may happen slowly or quickly, or different things
may happen in different rates, but the end results,
the trends are set.

Faith in anything at all outside yourselves allows me to
transmit my energies to you,

Allows each of you to transmit and receive each others'

When all of you are starting to share energies
more constructively, we will again be on the way home.

You must remove barriers, unlearn your defenses,
re-establish your real values,
so that you can smile at anyone,

And it'll be me,
Smiling thru you,
And at you,
Because you're all really my ideas,


Copyright 1972-1996, Shari Soza

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