I wish you the best of all possible futures during the next solar cycle.

My Winter Solstice '93 Message, 12-21-93, 12:26pm PDT.

As a Summer Solstice baby, born June 21, 1945, and a multi-dimensionalist, I deeply appreciate the significance of the seasons of our Earth cycles. So-called "New Year's Resolutions" will work best if you define them in the 72-hour period preceding the Winter Solstice. Birthday wishes, when you blow out the candles, will work best, if you define them in the 72-hour period preceding the moment of birth. Each month, you have a similar nodal period at the New Moon. Next New Moon is 12-13-93, 1:27 PDT.

May you gradually find yourself awakening more and more into the Uni-Verse (stable quantum level of reality) of your "Heart's Desire", YOUR SECRET DREAMS.

(C) Copyright 1993-1996, Shari Soza

Each year, we REBEGIN OUR OWN WORLD, for the following solar cycle. This means that, consciously or unconsciously, we CHOOSE which levels-of-consciousness will be TURNED ON, TURNED OFF, or LEFT ON AND ADVANCED TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF COMPLEXITY, in our own personal world, in the next cycle. By not constructively choosing, we project ourselves into the probable future of our own unfocused thought recordings. It is a function of the thought-frequency recording mechanism of our atoms.

Whether we are believers in a personal GOD, separate from the fabric of reality, or believers in the oneness of GOD within every atom in the manifest, created outer world, or in both views, at different levels, our thoughts are recorded into our body's atoms and molecules, and in the atoms and molecules of our artistic creations, which go on broadcasting these thoughts, like a Tibetan priest's prayer flags, amulets and talismans, in effect, magnifying our prayers.

In a SELECTIBLE MULTI-TASKING "UNI" VERSE, or "ONE STORY", there are multiple "universes", multiple stable quantum levels of consciousness that hold together in a regular pattern. We can choose which level we tune into, by our focus of awareness in our inner and outer awareness levels, that work together like a diffraction grating, to "tune in" the frequency channel of our choice.

It is always our own CHOICE of which thought frequencies that we allow to remain ON, that we dwell "ON", that controls which level of ALL-THAT-IS, that we will project our awareness into next. The "universe" is multi-dimensional, like many different time dimensions, all interpenetrating. The stable quantum levels I refer to, are like time dimensional realities. There are many stable resting places in the ascension process, like a ladder.

There is a continuum of stable quantum levels of consciousness, and we are not able to project to levels that we are not ready for. Each person has the right to exist at their own personal highest level of consciousness, which is also brainwave coordination. Our brainwave coordination determines how many octaves of reality and the built-in access we have to Infinite Intelligence, what I think of as a giant Cosmic Computer, that we can tune into, like different stations on the radio.

Mastering our own biocomputer and its brainwave coordination, keeping our own personal STORY together, is the real lesson of Life on Earth. An important part of this is learning about STRESS and the nutrients that stress depletes from our physical body.

When we CHOOSE OUR GOALS, we are truly projecting parts of ourselves ahead, in the Time-Space Continuum, into the FUTURE.

Any kind of PLANNING AHEAD exercises these same built-in mechanisms. The process is called "TIME-MATRIX TRANSLATION". This is similar to teleportation, which would be along the Space aspect of the Time-Space Continuum.

You really can learn to make manifest the dreams you hold in a place next to your heart, if you learn how to plant seeds into the future, at the critical times, just like in the Farmers' Almanac. This is a GRADUAL process, and in between, you will be in a "zig-zag", between the old story, and the new story, that you have consciously defined as your focus of awareness. This is the same as FAITH. Do not expect instantaneous transfer to the "New Story", like on Star Trek. It doesn't work that fast.

METHODS OF RECORDING; Talking, writing, filming, copying files to disk, videotaping, printing, arts and crafts, firing pottery or ceramics, growing plants, constructing things, broadcasting by air or wire, painting the walls, etc. Make your Wish List, and focus on these thoughts, during these critical periods, or nodes where angles converge, then diverge.

CAUTION: Project Ahead Into A Future Of Your Own Construction, Not Into A Future Of Your Own Worst Fears (paranoia). The Movie Of Life Only Runs Forwards. We do not need to be limited to the levels that we have dwelt in, in the Past.

There is a level where PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE, all coexist. Present is UNFOLDED, MANIFEST. Past and Future are FOLDED. Future is in PRE-POTENTIAL form. It is all like SOFTWARE.

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