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Time-Matrix Translation (T.M.T.) is an original phrase that I coined about 20 years ago. It shows us how to transfer our consciousness from one reality to another. When I first started getting the ideas for this, it seemed that it would be a form of teleportation. We usually associate teleportation with traveling thru space.

Time-Matrix Translation is traveling from one time dimension to another, of our own definition, within the same physical space, more or less. { It is what you mean when your RightBrain says "rise above it". RightBrain means your intuitive, wholistic self, that operates like a kaleidescope or scanner, as opposed to your LeftBrain, that is more fixed and linear. }

When I say this, I really mean that there are many stable quantum levels-of- consciousness in the unified field, what some call Infinite Intelligence, or the Cosmic Computer, or All-That-Is.

The thought frequencies of these layers
the electromagnetic spectrum.

I perceive of each stable quantum level as a "uni-verse", or "one-story", that holds together in a regular pattern.

Systems Thinking
I thought that I knew it all about creating new universes, until I took Systems Theory(Thinking).    I was pleased to find out that the same truths that I thought no one would ever understand within my lifetime, unless they also had a Chemistry/Physics education like I did, and a computer programming background, had become mainstream management talk. I guess that I had been evolving into the management consciousness, when I decided to drop out of the rat race in the seventies.

Anyway, that Systems Thinking class, and several other new discoveries within the last six months, The Keys To MY RightBrained Mode.

have caused me to raise my consciousness even higher, to learn how to learn even more easily than before---and I was already a Mensan (99%-ile)---have rapidly expanded my consciousness into the next world, the next globe in the chain (See Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, from Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton Illinois.)

I really feel like I have "transcended" the old story, or old paradigm, that is dys-integrating beneath our feet.

The secret to transcending to the next globe in the chain of Earths, which is also known as the "new paradigm", is in learning to think with both sides of your brain, at the same time, and in practicing a heart chakra meditation. 
It Is Not Possible To Enter A Time Matrix Translation Process, And Then Not Follow It Thru To A Resolution. 

Copyright, 1995-1996 Shari {Seth} Soza
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