Tony Robbins' Twelve Step Goal Definition Process

from his Personal Power tapes,

with added comments by Shari Soza

If you knew that you could not fail,  in 
realizing your dreams this year,  what would you try to do?

1. Make a list of all the possible specific outcomes that you desire.

Make an inventory of the dreams that you hold closest to your heart,

all that you would have, be, do and share.

Write non-stop for 10 to 15 minutes.

Abbreviate wherever possible, just keep the pen moving.

You might want to list your goals in different categories:

mental, spiritual, emotional, social, financial,

physiological, family, material.

Act as if everything you write down, you can achieve.

There are no limits. Everything is within your grasp, and

get excited. Leave doubt and fear behind.

2. Go over the list and estimate when you expect to reach these outcomes,

how many years or months, or definite dates.

Give each item its own time-frame, some definite date when it should be done.

Balance long-term and short-term goals.

3. Pick out the 5 most important goals for you for this year, things you are most committed to, most excited about.

Your biocomputer can only handle about 5 goals at a time, and focus on getting them done.

Give it too many commands at the same time, and it can't concentrate enough to accomplish anything.

Write a paragraph on each goal, and why you should achieve these 5 outcomes this year.

Give yourself the reasons why. Sell yourself on the reasons to do this.

If you have enough reasons why, you can do anything.

Feeling totally committed to doing whatever is required, is different from just being interested in it.

You need to pursue something that you can be passionate about.

4. Review the 5 key outcomes.

Are they stated in sensory-specific language?

Are these changes maintainable by you?

Are you in control of it, or do you have to wait for someone else to change?

Do you have a clear evidence procedure? How will you know when you have done it? What will you see, hear, smell, feel when you have accomplished it?

5. List the resources that you already have, that will help you achieve these 5 goals this year.

What strengths, skills, resources, tools, or raw materials do you have already, that will be called upon, to help you achieve these outcomes?

To construct an empowering future, you need to plug in some of the energy streams that you have already built.

6. Focus on your past successes. Remind yourself of 3 to 5 times in your life, when everything went right, when you had a success that was so easy, when you were totally successful, when things went particularly well.

What qualities, or resources did you make use of to attain these past successes?

7. Ask yourself what kind of person would I have to become to do these

5 outcomes?

What would I have to learn to be this kind of person:

discipline, education, manage time well, learn communication skills?

Is this the kind of person that you really want to become?

8. What limitations have caused you to fail in the past?

What has stopped you in the past? Did you fail to plan, plan but fail to act, planned and acted, then became fearful and inhibited, tried to do too many things at once?

Dissect your personality, and find out how to stop yourself from stopping yourself this time.

9. Work on your List of Actions:

Put together your own blueprint for success.

Make a rough draft of your step by step plan.

Use a big poster board and stick-on notes, like a flow-chart, logical steps that have to happen to get you from where you are today to that ultimate successful outcome.

What has to happen in what order?

Start with your ultimate outcome, and work backwards, step by step.

What can I do today, to take a tiny baby-step towards that goal?

Map out a precise path to follow.

Make sure that the plan includes something that you can do today, moving toward the ultimate goal.

10. Develop a strategy team in your imagination, to get there.

Choose 3 to 5 real role models that have achieved whatever it is that you want to achieve, and model them.

Use your intuitive brain to get answers. Call it subconscious, God, or whatever word makes it work, in your mind.

Ask a question, then let your mind go blank, and wait for an idea to come. Then you write it down. This is called "stream-of- consicousness" writing.

What qualities do these role models have?

Imagine that they are your mentors, your advisors.

What would each one tell you, what to pay attention to, how to avoid a roadblock, how to get to your goal faster.

Let your mind go blank, then write down whatever idea comes to you. Let your own subconscious mind act in their place, drawing on universal intelligence to advise you. I call this "journaling". In this part, you get inputs from your higher self thru your intuitive mind. In parts 11 and 12, you put inputs into your higher self thru your recordings.

11. Get a clear idea or vision of your future. Then step into your future.

Create your ideal day.

What kind of people will you have around you, what kind of environment will it be, what kind of feeling will you have when you get into bed at night?

Describe it in sensory-specific detail, making a thought recording in terms of vision, sound, feeling, and temperature. Let your mind roam free, and record your thoughts, on paper, or on cassettes.

Make a recording. This is your vision of your future ideal day.

Each day, let your thoughts dwell on this vision, pretending that you already have it. [ Just don't start spending the money yet. ]

12. Design perfect home environment to bring out the best in your creativity.

Gradually try to make small changes in your home environment, to slowly translate into the new vision of your future, things to show your biocomputer that this is a "new story", that it is different from yesterday.

The biocomputer will make a new center of Self, then pull into it, all the parts of your old selves, reintegrating them into a new more powerful Self. The brain will try to help you wake up in that new future you have recorded. But, it can't help you if you do not ASK, and ASK intelligently.

The brain needs clear, bright, intense focused signals, to accomplish this for you. It can't do a good job of this if you are undecided, and give it a confused and contradictory set of signals to follow.

You can learn how to

Project ahead into

a probable future of your own construction,

and not into

a probable future of your own worst fears.

Make your mind up. Decide. Then Make yourself mind yourself.

After you have decided, do not continue to doubt yourself, and send contradictory signals to your biocomputer.

We constantly project ahead in the Time Space matrix, into levels-of- consciousness of our own choice.

Learning to consciously choose constructive paths by planning ahead, instead of floating without a plan, gives us control over our own future, and makes the world more predictable, and less stressful.

Ideas (many) are restated from Tony Robbins Unlimited Power tapes. Mine are Copyright 1995-1996, Shari Soza