Some Background About My Education In Nutrition

I am 52,   and have been studying nutrition since I was a teenager.    My mother had whole bookshelves full of nutrition books,    Adelle Davis,   Gaylord Hauser,    etc.   As a junior in high school,   I took a college-level course in Physiology,   at my high school.

The following summer,   I participated in a National Science Foundation Summer Institute at Texas A&M University,   where I attended lectures in various branches of scientific research in the mornings,   and in the afternoons,    I worked in a nutritional research lab.

In 1967,    I was fortunate enough to meet the son of Edgar Cayce,   Hugh Lynn Cayce,   when he was on a book tour or similar,    in SE Texas.   My mother was a newspaper reporter,    and a close friend of hers had a big farm  near Silsbee,    and would have different speakers come out and give lectures there.    She always took me along.   That day,   Hugh Lynn Cayce needed transportation to the local radio and television stations,  and my mother and I volunteered.   As I drove him around,   I made a silent wish,    "to be given gifts,  to use to help people",   as I had read that Edgar Cayce had done.    That same night,   as I was falling asleep,     I was contacted by non-material Beings,   who stimulated my Heart Chakra,   similar to the drawing that I have borrowed from ......
In the months and years after that contact,    my intuitional intelligence was unfolded,
so I would have to say that,    my prayer was granted.
More about that here.

My evolution in understanding how we think,   and learn,   and my interest in educational reform,     is described in this new web page,    at

My BS is in Chemistry,   1968.     Unfortunately,     when I began to look for work in Chemistry,    an interviewing employer gave me an intelligence test,    and told me that I was too smart for his job,   and that if I did not go on to graduate school,   I would be just a "glorified lab technician".    He said that I should consider computers.    By then,   I had a child,    so graduate school was out of the question.

From late 1968 until mid-1975,     I worked as a technical writer and computer programmer,    before remarrying,    and coming to Yreka,   in mid-1976.

In 1977,    I studied every book I could get thru my local library,   on Naturopathic Medicine,     and wrote the paper,     Toxin Release.

My husband had a stroke at 53,    in 1979,    and I learned a lot from observing the changes that he went thru,     following the advice of medical doctors,   and pharmaceutical drugs.     He died in late 1992.

In 1991-1992,    I studied nutrition intensely,    compiling 561+ separate files of my condensed study-note format,    that I call   NutriZen\BodyEquations.     I did have it on my website,   but it is temporarily off-line,    for re-organization,   and I hope to add a search engine,    and develop the questionaire,    that I had envisioned would help people utilize the information.

In Fall of 1996,    while taking Public Speaking at the local community college,    I wrote a paper on the importance of good lymph circulation.

I was born at home,   delivered by an osteopathic doctor,      and was raised using osteopathic doctors  until I left home,   and then had a mixture of MDs,  and  DOs.
Later,  while married to my late husband,    we went to Chiropractors when we could afford it,   and he had  MDs,    with his stroke and high blood pressure ailments.

My favorite author on these subjects is  Thomas S Szasz MD.
Try The Manufacture Of Madness 
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