The Truth About Why Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS/CFIDS]
And Fibromyalgia Are Not Respected By
The United States Social Security Disability Process.
by Shari Soza

Now,  I am really RILED UP.   Our "epidemic" is no more harmless  [less harmful]  than AIDS,    to the few who can't manage a strong immune response,   yet they treat us like liars,   for daring to have the disease.

1.    SSDI Attorneys Tend To Only Take The Easy Cases,   Where There Is A
Minimal Amount Of Work Necessary To Earn That 25% Of Your Eventual Award.
This Tends To Leave That Illness As Not Included In The Listing Of Recognized

2.    The Rules Require Extensive Expensive Medical Evidence Which Many Persons
Who Are Not Able To Work And Are Barely Surviving,    Can Never Afford.    The Process Puts An Enormous Paperwork Burden On The Treating Physician,    As Well As
Increasing The Cost Of Medical Care For The Patient.

3.    The Whole SSDI / SSI Process Is Arranged So That Many Of The Truly Deserving
Are Starved Out,    And Forced To Go To Work,    So That They Can Keep A
Roof Over Their Heads,    And Food On Their Tables;    Then SSA Can Say That
You Are "Working",   Therefore You Are Not "Disabled".   Heartless,   Yes,  But Just A Matter Of Economics.

4.    The Epstein-Barr Virus,    A Common Cause Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
And Fibromyalgia,     Is So Ubiquitous,     That If Everyone Who Has It Got Reactivated
At The Same Time,      There Would Be Nobody Left To Go To Work And Pay Taxes.
If 85% to 90% of all adults have the antibodies for it in their bloodstream,   and that was sufficient to obtain a disability check,    the economy would collapse.    Yes,  the SSDI and SSI adjudicators really don't care how much you hurt or how tired you are.

5.     Our Whole Modern Medical Establishment,    Plus All The Scientists Worldwide,
Can't Figure Out A Safe Vaccine For This Virus,   Or Any Real Way To Treat It.
Modern Medicine really does not have any solution for Epstein-Barr Virus.
Your Own Immune System Has To Be Strong Enough To Overcome It.
How Are You Going To Be Treated For An Untreatable Virus?
Try the regimen that is working to help me "rise above it".

6.     With No Attorney Willing To Take A Difficult Case,    I Am Forced To Do The
Paralegal Work On This Myself,    Even Though It Wastes Neurotransmitters That
My Immune System Desperately Needs,   With A Viral Disease That Tends To Become Transformed Into Lymphoma.

7.      With Such The Virus In An Actively Non-Latent Stage,     I Am Forced To
Ignore Common Sense And "Forget" How Dangerous It Is To Others,   Exposing
Others To A Possible Deadly Disease As Well.    More doublespeak here by the CDC.
If 85% to 90% of the others already have it,   I can't spread mine to them.   I get it.
It is like cockroaches in the South.   You can never get rid of them,   unless all your neighbors fight them on the same day.    And also,   there is no "roach spray" for this EBV.

8.      They Make It So Hard To Get The Social Security Widow's Pension That My
Late Husband Worked For,    That Money Was Taken Out Of His Paychecks For,
In A Private Insurance Company,   This Would Constitute "Bad Faith",   Or "Fraud".
Because Our Legislative Leaders Voted For This,    And Made MisAppropriations Of All Those Funds,  We Are Supposed To Accept It.

9.      In Essence,    There Is Only Enough SSDI/SSI Money For The Very Worst,
Most Obvious Disabled Cases,    And Anything Slightly Complicated Requiring Any
Intelligence To Decide,    Automatically Does Not "Qualify".    The rest of us have to use our willpower,   and a lot of herbs,    to "rise above it",   and command our immune systems to get well enough to work.

10.      With Welfare Reform,    Many New Applicants For SSDI Or SSI Will Face
The Same Heartless And Cruel Rules,   Instead Of Finding A Humane Safety Net
In Place.    State and local public entities should have a more efficient jobs matching mechanism in place,   with more flexible kinds of jobs,   to accomodate all these people who don't feel well enough to work fulltime,    but might find strength enough to work part-time.     Dr Bell's Disability Scale.

11.    The State Level Bureaucratic Adjudicators Routinely Deny Applicants For The
First Two Times,    And Force Them To Wait Months And Years For The Benefits
That Were Promised.    As A Safetynet,    This Is Ineffective.    See #10.

12.    This Heartless And Cruel Process Wastes Countless Resources And Fails To
Help Those It Was Intended To Help,   When They Most Need Help.   It Forces
Those Unable To Work To Use Up Precious Savings If They Have Any.   See #10.

13.    Forcing Thousands Of Chronically Infected CEBV Victims To Go To Work
Promotes Spreading The Virus To More And More People.    Here is another reason to promote telecommuting.


I feel sure that this commentary will get better as time goes on.

If you have ANY useful information that would help other truly deserving sufferers of
Chronic Epstein Barr Virus receive SSDI or SSI assistance,    please send me the