Proposal For
A More Humane
Social Safety Net

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Addressed To The SSDI Reform Movement,
And The Thousands Of Suffering People Unable To Support Themselves,   Especially Those With Post-Viral Fatigue

My constructive proposal in answer to the Commentary at

I propose dismantling the entire Social Security Disability Evaluation bureaucracy,     and putting all these workers to work developing the local level temporary work agencies that would be necessary to facilitate short-term and contract and free-lance work opportunities that WOULD allow many of these UNABLE people to work on their good days,   so that they would not need so much subsidizing with public funds.    Once this is done,    I would include the state workman's compensation and other types of disability agencies into the same category.     I wou

I would immediately pay anyone with a chronic viral disease with a subsistence allowance;     if they feel too tired to work,   they probably are not being deceiving about it.    The criteria could be proven by the medical tests for those viruses.

I would put the burden of proof that they can work,   on the agency trying to claim that,    and instead of a legal arena for this proof,    I would challenge the agency to facilitate this person going back to "substantial gainful employment",    by making it easier to become healthy and easier to find this illusive "work" that the agency claims we should be able to perform.
Persons on subsidy who feel well enough to work volunteer work should be encouraged and rewarded for contributing.

I would start rural health farms where these people could go,  to learn how to detoxify their body organ systems of all the half-dead food that our grocery stores are full of,   with herbs and nutrients,    where they could get real "treatments" that would promote bodily wholeness,    for instance,    daily myofascial release massages,   and yoga classes,    organic gardening practice,    and specialized ones,   where they could get the natural cancer relief regimens of Max Gerson MD,   Thomas McPherson Brown MD,   and other non-mainstream medical doctors and healers.

I would require all health insurance companies and programs to reimburse people for the herbs and nutrients that they use,   the same as is done for pharmaceutical prescription drugs.    I would also require all health insurance programs to cover dental work and vision needs.    Teeth in bad repair can cause a lot of systemic infection,    including viral,   and this can lead to general ill health.

I would enable the local public health departments to furnish free testing for all the viral diseases that are known to cause "post-viral fatigue",    like we did for the sexually-transmitted diseases.     And provide a suggested regimen "recipe"  that really helps these conditions,  for instance,   Lysine to suppress viral replication,    plus what herbs and nutrients to take to boost your immune system.

I would support local doctors to be mentors in educating these patients how to take better care of themselves with herbs and nutrients,   to promote detoxification and healing,   instead of adding more toxins to their bodies with expensive pharmaceutical drugs.    I would promote helping people grow these herbs themselves,   in their own gardens,   as much as possible.

I would require all new students at medical schools to FIRST study herbal medicine,    for at least 5 years,   before entry into medical school.

I would require all present doctors to prove competency in herbal medicine and also in the cancer detoxification practices of Max Gerson MD,
and the anti-mycoplasma practices of Thomas McPherson Brown MD,
or lose their medical licenses.

I would require each health care practitioner to distill the basic principles that they have learned into the  NutriZen\BodyEquations format,  so that this wisdom can be shared on CD-ROMs.

As long as disability evaluation bureaucracies exist,   I would require attorneys to take the cases that are not so easily proven,   but reimburse them some for their time and expenses.

I would help every community college develop the same job-referral services formerly handled by private employment agencies,  or state unemployment agencies.

I would publicize the adult literacy programs more,  and attract more people to be tutors,   so that we can get everyone up-to-speed for this new high-tech world we are entering.    I would require all judges to inquire as to the reading level of any accused prisoner,   and see that they are immediately offered tutoring to improve their reading level,   if needed.

I would inform every judge of the ways that circulation to the brain can affect temperament,   and would develop educational programs to teach prisoners how to learn to control their moods with natural herbs and nutrients.

I would require that every young family or young couple getting married be counseled about ......

I would require that every teacher become able to help their students develop BOTH sides of their brains,    in more wholistic teaching methods,   to develop more integrated thinkers.

I would require that every local police department be taught about how they could provide a more constructive and helpful response to domestic disturbance calls,   including checking for poor indoor air quality,   and instead of a "crime and punishment" paradigm,    I would convert this to an "education about mood manipulation with herbs and nutrients" paradigm.



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