Making Yourself Mind Yourself

An online course?

in Learning How To Learn How To Learn
in Learning How To Learn How To Heal
in Learning How To Learn How To Become More Mentally Integrated
in Learning How To Learn How To Rise Above It

In parallel to the lessons I learned in connection with Self-Directed Learning,
and now applying them to how we take good care of ourselves, or don't!!!


Making A Written Record Of Everything You Put In Your Body
Your Exercises, How You Feel, How You Slept, Your Moods, Etc.

Also Known As
Project Ahead In Time
Into A Future
Of Your Own Construction
And Not Into A Future
Of Your Own Worst Fears


This is how a "philosopher-futurist" sees the problem of teaching people a simple format for taking better care of themselves. As always, our biggest obstacle in taking better care of ourselves, is OURSELF. Our habits.

To change our habits, that is, to teach ourself better habits, is not easy for most. That is why I am trying to make it simple.

How To Use Journaling To Add A Layer Of Self Management,   To Accomplish Self-Directed Healing.

It is not enough just to provide information about nutrition, herbs, exercise, human metabolism, etc. People need an example of how we create our own tomorrows, by the thoughts that we allow our minds to dwell on, today.


The reason for this is that our immune system, our 24-hour-a-day watchdog against stray malignant cells, is guided by our own internal "self talk". It takes orders from our own inner communication with ourselves.

Much of our present-day lifestyle is anti-health. Our bodies are designed to work best if we get outside and work in our gardens. When we work long hours at a job for a paycheck, and go to the grocery store, and buy food much of which has been grown half way around the world, picked before it is ripe, and shipped in, to be bought with dollars, we are being cheated of both the exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, and also the atoms and molecules of the food itself are "set" for the wrong "xyz" axes, besides being not as well-ripened, and probably having had some kind of chemical insecticide or weed-killer or who knows what sprayed on it.

In chemistry classes in college, in the textbooks, there are pictures of the x,y,z axes of the atoms. Think of the atom not as a solid ball, but as a vortex of energy. As the electrons travel around the nucleus, they make a pattern.

This whole thing has magnetic axes, just like the Earth has.

[Needed here: a good line art drawing of this, from a Chemistry textbook.]

I will expose a layer of my own personal reality, to publish my diary online, to try and demonstrate how easy it really is, to teach a simple system of becoming more Self-Directed in my personal healing process.

Reading about becoming Self-Directed in Learning is a good place to start.


Also read some earlier writings on Toxin Release and Lymph Circulation,

Taking that simple framework of Self-Directed Learning, let us CLONE IT as a format for planning, and then try to plug in more specific things that we want to learn, each week, for example, to learn how to train ourself to take that 30-minute walk each day, to increase oxygenation.

Q: How can I document every little habit of my daily life, that contributes toward detoxification, and that someone could follow, without totally understanding it?

Governments all over the world are wondering how to control escalating health care costs, and so far, many are answering that question by denying payment of the horrendous bills. Instead of grappling with the real problems, no one in government has enough courage to face the truth and do something about it.

We cannot control escalating costs by merely not paying the bills of the dominant medical delivery systems. A less expensive more wholistic alternative must be offered in its place. Several key changes could be made in the law, that would lower the massive hospital bills, on being a limit on collectibility of "expenses of the last illness". How long are we going to condone "medical torture", and ignore the wishes of the dying patient and his/her family? That is a very real place where a law or two would contribute toward controlling costs. Instead of government incurring the wrath of its people, and losing credibility, why not attack the root cause of much of this?

When running up a big bill to collect out of person's estate, is the real goal, not helping a dying person to have a more pleasurable, comfortable experience of dying, this medical care delivery system has proven itself incompetent to be operating in the patients' best interests.

This is not just in one hospital, but it is "generally accepted practice", all over.

I witnessed all that my late husband went thru, in hospitals and from taking many pharmaceutical drugs. They gradually destroyed his kidneys.

The issue is not that, if we allow people to learn how to use the herbs and vitamins, to heal themselves, that they will live too long, and collect their government pensions too long. The issue is that government has no right to make these decisions.

As usual, as has worked so well for the last 30 years, I will input some ideas into the "mass unconscious", by making a RECORDING of my thoughts, not only into this writing, but also into the atoms and molecules of my own BODY, or of anything that I make, and that in turn, influences all the atoms and molecules everywhere!!!

My personal overall priorities for 1998, are to get my physical body back into good condition, and to get my yard/garden/orchard back into good condition.

Still ON from last year is "Downsizing My Packrat Accumulation".

One initiative in process to try and teach how we constantly create our own futures, is

An educational reform initiative in process to try and engage teachers in learning how to teach, such that they enable "both sides" of the students' brains, is

Computer goals are to

1) learn computer networking, specifically Netware 4.1;
2) to learn how to use Microsoft Access, to get everything more organized;

2a) to get my growing online busynesses more organized, to handle more orders and not forget anybody; 3) to learn MIVA/htmlscript, that is like cgi, to make my web pages more interactive;

So, let me focus on trying to apply the Self-Directed Learning framework to
two of these priorities:

to get my physical body back into good condition, and
to get my yard/garden/orchard back into good condition.

What is the union of these two priorities, that raises it all to a higher level?

Garden Yoga

Building up my muscles in preparation for the heavy duty exercise of the garden season

Why I garden

Gardening gives me fresh vegetables and fruits thru the summer season.

Gardening gives me food for the freezer, that I can consume during the winter.

Gardening gives me fresh air.
Gardening gives me sunshine.
Gardening gives me exercise.
Gardening gives me beauty.
Gardening gives me a reason to go into RightBrained meditation mode.
Gardening includes watering the flowerbeds and shade trees in dry season.
That cools the house.

Gardening includes growing plants that I can sell.
Gardening is how I stay in touch with Nature.
Gardening is my church.
Staying in touch with Nature helps me tune into the RightBrain, and the Inner Teacher.
Gardening is a way that I can grow my own herbs.

The questions I face are, how can I discipline myself to get outside and have my time in Nature, to have my fresh air and exercise, when so many important writing projects draw me into sitting in front of this computer endlessly?

A key new lesson that I am personally learning this year, is deliberately building up my muscles, to be strong enough to go outside and rework this one-third acre yard and garden. 

So, that got me to thinking, I need to study what they are teaching the bodybuilders  about the biochemistry of the muscles and the fat, also the hormones. There is a lot of biochemical knowledge being taught to men who want to build up their muscles.

I, being a Chemistry major in college, see this as a learning opportunity, and an incentive to get myself in shape this year, instead of further declining, and blaming that on "old age". I will be "re-inhabiting" my physical body, thru detoxification, supplementation, exercise, and thru "rising above it", spiritually/mentally projecting myself into a future where I am already healed, i.e., into that probable future universe where I am in better muscular condition.

I already have started a big database of my condensed, study-note information on stress and nutrition. I call it NutriZen\BodyEquations. I should subtitle that, how a PowerBasic programmer takes notes.

At the time I first researched all those files, I intended to keep on updating it, if I got enough interest in it. I can see that I should make at least a few new pages, on specific conditions that have a big group of people suffering from them, and just put that out there on my website.

I can't let the FDA rules inhibit me in this. I started the NutriZen project before I ever even thought of selling herbs. The NutriZen\BodyEquations files are not advertising material, and they are not "claims".