Trying To Document For Others,
My Favorite Health Books,   Herbal Recipes,   and
Simple Home Remedies,   Learned In A Lifetime Of Self-Study
by Shari Soza

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Hi! Pretend That You Just Dropped Over For A Chat.
We Are Having Coffee Or A Glass Of Wine, And 
Staying Cozy Around The Fire.

I will make my time available to do a little research about your particular ailments,     from the Internet,   or from my own bookshelf of health and herbal books,    because I study this anyway,   and because I like helping people learn natural healing methods,     if it helps them avoid getting too tangled up with the pharmaceutical drugs and high bills.

I also like doing this because I am a teacher,   and a writer,     who spent several years lately,   studying wholistic teaching,    and my main focus currently,     is teaching people how to take better care of themselves with their lifestyle choices,     so that they don't get the serious diseases that their health insurance coverage wants to buy for them.

My apologies to my friends and email penpals if this is embarrassing.   I enjoy having your support in my Interactive Journaling,   if you are enjoying it,  too.    This conversational style is a little bit embarrassing,    but it does tend to demonstrate the method of Journaling,     an on-going "writing my own story" kind of diary,    that might teach some how to use both sides of their brains to think,   and how to keep enabled their head-to-heart communication.

I am not using this to make claims for any individual herbs that I can obtain for you.     If I make a web page to teach the benefits of a particular herb,    or to summarize everything a person should know about a particular imbalance or dys-function,     I am not doing it with the intention of selling you something,   even if the FDA or similar government bureaucracies might see it that way.    I do these things,   as an oracle,    when used by an urgent need of the present population.

They should realize that people need teachers who will spend the time to explain the nutritional information that they need,    and if we don't loosen up the rules some,   we won't get this teaching effort for free.     The best teaching will not come from a profit- oriented teacher,   but from a good oracle.

I am not a Naturopathic doctor,   though I have studied their writings a lot.   I am not a certified herbalist,   though I have studied herbs for decades.

I believe that you need to learn how to
research these things yourself,
pack your own capsules,
grow sprouts in your kitchen to put on your salads,
learn what to take to make your muscles grow,   and discourage fat,
learn how to detoxify your bowels, liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs;
grow your own herb plants in your garden,
dry your own herbs for your own teas,
eat your own fresh herbs in your salads or omelets,
make your own bread,   and your own bread mix,
make your own fresh live yogurt,
make your own formulas,
make your own tinctures,
learn how to keep a journal to add a layer of more management to your journey,     and learn how to fine-tune your own daily regimen to support your cleansing and your immune system;
learn how to mentally "rise above it",     into a higher layer of reality where you are already healed.

I have the intention to write down better,    every thing that I normally do every year,   to detoxify my body,   and help myself look younger.     In 1977,    I did a deep study of the Naturopathy style of healing,    read everything that I could get thru my public library,  and then wrote the Toxin Release document,   and tried selling copies of it.
I will now be in an effort to write an update for this document.

Every year,      I do things like wear a plastic sauna suit,    to sweat out the ammonia that tends to accumulate in my skin.

I put on what I call  "Skin Food",      that feeds my skin from the outside.

I drink fresh garlic juiced in orange juice,    because that is a broad-spectrum herbal antiseptic and it helps the liver to detoxify.

I use the Liver Flush that I read about in books by Dr Randolph Stone.

I like the kind of things that are described in the pages of Dr Bernard Schulze,   at

I had a dream/vision one day,   while processing some fresh herbs outside,
that I should become a Naturopath,   and start a health farm,   grow herbs there,   and irises,    and allow people to come stay there and learn some of these detoxification recipes,   but it hasn't become possible for me to go four years to Naturopathy College,    so I offer this virtual health farm,     by writing about it and putting this online.

I eat radishes or radish juice,   to dissolve tiny sand-like crystals that tend to develop in my kidneys.

I drink black cherry juice to dissolve the uric acid crystals that tend to develop in my joints.    My own cherry plum trees outside seem to have similar properties.   I save them in the freezer,   and then use them later,    just like black cherries.

I drink the Essiac tea formula to help improve my lymph gland circulation in the back of my head and neck.

When my late husband and I moved to the country,   in 1976,   we first lived out on ten acres outside town.    We had milk goats,   chickens,    our own eggs,    milk,   and tried making things like cheese.       I have had a lot of experience in canning,   freezing,    dehydrating,     and other grow-your-own-food type activities.

When we moved into town,   I brought 30 pickup loads of my good compost and manure with us.    Our back yard was like a parking lot.      So,   I have lots of experience working with the land and the plants,   making compost,      and making use of the bounty that Nature gives us.      I used to make very good apple butter every year.    That is really great stuff.

Over the years,   I have written articles to try and share what I have learned by all my reading of health food books,   my Physiology book,    Gray's Anatomy,   and what I have learned by researching in Internet databases.
I will be working to make all my knowledge more simple and accessible,   and to organize all the links of things that are similar,   and can help you learn.

This morning,     I awoke with a message that I need to get some of my fresh Comfrey from my garden,    and use it with my heating pads,     as moist heat,    to help heal my inflammation in my neck,   that is an extension of my inflammed sinuses.     Many of my best ideas come to me in the early morning dreaming,   so I have learned to TRUST those ideas from my "Inner Teacher".

Journaling,   or keeping a Journal,    expressing your own choices and thoughts about your choices in foods and nutrients and herbs,    adds a new dimension of programmability reality to your story,      and me doing it online,    serves as an example of how you can learn to do it for yourself,    to gain another level of ability to know how to "treat" yourself,     to adjust your own lifestyle to be healthier,    and plan ahead for things to have ready to just grab and warm up and eat,       like making casseroles,   soups,    or healthier snacks ready,     or like being pro- active in making your own bread mix,     making your own seed sprouts to put on your salads,    in general,      use your Journal to help yourself manage your daily routine better,     to plan ahead better,    and to record your results,   whether this method is helping your food choices and impulse eating be healthier.

So,  you could use a calendar program with your Journaling process,      If you develop a routine of starting sprouts in clean jars twice a week,     you will always have good,  nutritious sprouts ready to add to your salad,   and you won't be as tempted to buy those corn chips,    due to low blood sugar.

Another example,   how can we train ourselves to spend the time outside tending to our plants,    to pinch off the suckers on tomato plants,    to gather the seeds for next year,   to label the seeds that we do gather,     maybe by developing a seasonal calendar that focuses on our garden cycles,     like I remember reading that Thomas Jefferson did on his plantation.     In our modern days,   with the help of a personal computer,    we could develop an ongoing queuing system,   that could help us learn how to do business with Mother Nature,   in an orderly manner.     The resources that I have already handy to organize myself are a DayTimer TwoPagePerDay PocketCalendar,     and I have the Microsoft Office 97 programs,   including SchedulePlus.   It would be nice of I had time to invent a new calendar program that would input email,    but that is overly-ambitious,   with all the physical exercise I have already on my agenda for this year.

If I could take better care of myself and my food habits,   in a pro-active manner,    maybe I could forget about worrying about the fact that doctors and pharmaceutical drugs cost so much in dollars.     Some things are unavoidable,    as needing some assistance if I got pregnant,   but that is not likely at my age.     And an occasional blood pressure checkup can be had at the local grocery store pharmacy.     And I have a manual machine of my own for that.    Mine is usually low blood pressure,    thank heaven.

Like many others,   I bought one of those "bread machines",      to free myself from store- bought bread.      It is nobody's fault but mine,   now,   if I don't take the time to measure out the ingredients and get it started.      I realized that I can make a few ZipLoc bags of "bread mix" ahead of time,   and have them handy in the refrigerator door,    and just need to add the wet ingredients of my recipe,   and get it started.

I had learned how to make my own yogurt when I was about 20,   but can't quite seem to get that habit right again.      Good fresh yogurt that I am in control of the ingredients,   would be a substantial ingredient of a healthy intestines.

I found an idea for a food that helps to rebuild our intestinal lining,   and I am going to try and incorporate that into a repeating sequence of detoxify,   nourish and keep loose enough ritual.    In    The 20-Day Rejuvenation Program book,   he describes that Jerusalem Artichoke flour will help to rebuild the intestinal lining.    I have those outside,  so maybe the tubor itself will do the same thing.

One time,  I got interested in studying which herbs promise to help us rebuild that intestinal lining.     Periodically,   we should take a pro-active approach to ensuring the health of our intestinal lining.

I am an environmental activist of the sort that tries to make my yard a haven for birds,   froggies,   or any creature that tries to survive within us.    I gave up mowing my lawn many years ago,   and decided to go to all paths and flower beds,   also "forest floor".
If you stop mowing a lawn,    the birds will drop all kinds of seeds that will automatically plant wonderful things for you.     This is my kind of "environmental activism".

I can grow my own herbs outside,   for my own herb teas,    and now I have started doing a little herb seed and herb plant start swapping,   on Algy's Herb Seed Exchange,    besides buying a few new kinds all along from commercial nurseries like Richters.

When I grow more and more foods outside in my own yard and garden,     at least I know that I did not spray any insecticides or weed-killers in my yard,    so that alone contributes to having less and less toxins in my body to try and detoxify.

As I increase the communion that I have with my garden,     and instead of running to the grocery store,   and filling up my shopping cart with canned and frozen or boxed items,    I walk out back,   with a big bowl and some scissors or a sharp knife,    and gather things from my own garden,    for my salad or my omelet,      or I use some of the seed sprouts that I have been inspired to grow by Viktoras Kulvinskas's books,     I am increasing the quality of my diet with fresher,   more natural items,   so there is increasingly less and less dead food input,   to try and detoxify.

I do not believe that people can improve their general health without learning how to be a gardener.     It is just not sensible to make everybody buy grocery store food,      instead of encourage them to become a gardener.    Not only is much of the food at the grocery store half dead from being cooked and put into a can or jar,    but most of it has been grown in some other part of the world,   even the fresh produce,    picked unripe,      and shipped in,    so the atoms'  X,Y,Z axes are not set right for the spot on the Earth that I live in.

When I grow much of what I consume right near to my home,    the X,Y,Z axes are closer to the axes of my own body's atoms,   so the food is assimilated right.    This is a not very well known fact about chemistry that I know because my major was Chemistry.

This gardening habit has rewarded me for many decades,      and after my late husband died in late 1992,    I learned to buy less and less from the grocery store,     and to plant more and more perennials,   that do not need me to plant them every year.     Now,  I am expanding on the number of kinds of herbs,    and I am learning how to sell and to swap them.    This is a return to the "cottage" or  "curtilage" concept,   where the homeowner is closer to a farmer,   producing things to sell.

I do not believe that it is realistic to promise a "cure" for any ailment,        because so much depends upon the personal lifestyle choices made by the person,       and how these choices affect the biochemistry of the body,   the circulation of their body,    and not only that,   but their "faith",   their own ability to "rise above it",   into a layer of reality where they are already healed.

I believe that almost all of the issues that our federal bureaucracies are focused on,      like our FDA,   USDA,  etc.,     are obsolete,   compared to the layers of reality that I have learned how to navigate,   and would dearly love to teach about.

As a philosopher-futurist,   I probably can't help including some of my own unique intuitive insights about how we create our own futures,    as well.

With our federal bureaucracies edging over into almost virtual genocide on us,    and "medical care" providers out-of-control on their billing methods,    many of us are almost without "health care insurance".   Many of the things that we took for granted,   and trusted,    growing up,   are now too expensive,     and are unavailable.

I remember paying ten dollars and even less,   for a doctor's visit,   as a young parent.
Of course,  all the malpractice lawsuits and high malpractice insurance premiums have contributed to this out-of-balance situation.     As malpractice insurance premiums assumed such a large percentage of the cost of being a doctor,   we all gradually became submissive to paying these high costs.    But was this realistic?    Nowadays,   my son and his wife both have to work,   to support a home and family,      and work has assumed a higher priority than family life.

And I believe that we have attracted people to the doctoring profession who are attracted by the wealth,   and not by the healer role.

I entered into a lifetime of being a good oracle,   to intuit whatever is needed at any particular era,     with this prayer,

If you would like to learn from my latest research and intuitive insights,     the place to look is this page.
I'll list the latest issues on that page.    If you want to know when that page is changed,   you can subscribe to notification thru the URLminder pages.    You can set up any number of individual web pages to have the URLminder watch for you,   and when they change,   it will send you email.

So,   I will try to develop my message board pages to serve as an input mechanism for ideas,   and then develop individual web pages for each kind of ailment:   sinusitis,   cancer,    toxin release,   lymph circulation,     etc.     All that I am trying to do is to share information about which foods and nutrients and herbs are important to know about in connection with a particular problem.

There are many information resources already developed,   and I will try to link those together,   like I have on

My earlier database on stress and nutrition,   which doesn't have much on herbs in it,   is at
or you can search the whole website for a particular word at

I don't want anybody to get confused that I am trying to make claims about particular herbs that I sell,    because even though I wish I had time to write up every herb,   there are thousands of them,  and I just don't have the time,   anyway.

Many other good health articles that I have researched are in

I wish that I had the time and energy to go to Seattle to the Naturopathic college,     but at almost 53,     it is too darn close to retirement to go for 4 years to college.

So I will make my library of health books available to you,     in virtual format,
by listing them here.     There are many more,   but these are the best.

Some of the best on herbs are
A Modern Herbal,   by Mrs M. Grieve,    now online;
The Green Pharmacy,  by James A Duke PhD
Herbally Yours,   by  Penney C Royal
Garlic Nature's Original Remedy,   by Stephen Fulder and John Blackwood
Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing,   by Kevin Ryerson

EAT AWAY ILLNESS,   How to Age-Proof Your Body With Antioxidant Foods,    by Carlson Wade

On Sprouting
Survival Into The 21st Century,   by Viktoras Kulvinskas

On Detoxification
A Cancer Therapy  Results of Fifty Cases,   by Max Gerson MD
Back to Eden,   by Jethro Kloss
The 20-Day Rejuvenation Diet Program,   by  Jeffrey Bland PhD
Juicing For Life,   by   Cherie Calbom and Maureen Keane

On The Dying Process And Spiritual Dimensions
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying,   by Sogyal Rinpoche
The Impersonal Life,   by  DeVorss & Company,    Marina Del Rey CA
WHEELS OF LIFE,    A User's Guide to the Chakra System,   by Anodea Judith
The Etheric Double,

On Heart Health
The PRITIKIN PROGRAM for DIET & EXERCISE,   by Nathan Pritikin
Dr Dean Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease,   by Dean Ornish MD

Databases On Nutrition
Life Extension,  A Practical Scientific Approach,   by  Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw
The Life Extension Companion,     by  Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw
Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible,    by Earl Mindell

SUPER IMMUNITY,   Master Your Emotions and Improve Your Health,  by Paul Pearsall PhD

Asian Health Secrets,   The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine,   by Letha Hadady DAc
ACUPUNCTURE,  The Ancient Chinese Art of Healtling and How It Works Scientifically,   by Felix Mann MB

On Amino Acids
Amino Acids In Therapy,   A Guide to the Therapeutic Application of Protein Constitutents,  by Leon Chaitow ND, DO, MDNOA
The DHEA Breakthru,     by Stephen Cherniske