T.O.X.I.N.s. . R.E.L.E.A.S.E.,


Originally written by SHARI SOZA in 1977, Re-visited and converted to html

in 1996. Copyright 1977-1996, Shari Soza

1. ln general, the keys to healing yourself and staying healthy are:

1.1 learning how to safely get and keep your body toxin-free;

1.2 learning how to re-determine your body's current vitamin and minera1 needs;

1.3 learning how to rule your conscious attention level;

1.4 learning how to construct and destruct/destroy/destory habits,

to train yourself to seek mental/physical/emotional/spiritual balance, oscillating freely

thru all the levels/stories that you are in, working out of any blocks/hangups that keep you locked up at levels lower than your highest, ultimately reaching completion/ AT.ONE.MENT/ aliveness/ vitality; and

1.5 learning how to avoid stress and compensate for it when you can't avoid it,

with extra nutrients to protect your body and your continuity of consciousnsss.


By beginning this lesson/course/diet/foodstyle, you are entering in-to a sequence of changes that will ultimately transform your life and free you to your own highest potential.

By learning how your body works, you can use natural medicines and nutrients to heal yourself, to prevent dis-ease, and to promote your own well-being/good-feelings/wholeness. Wholeness/completion will feel clear/sharp/rested/complete/together.

Your prayers will have more power. Your story will make more sense. You will be able to relax. You will feel no stress. Body de-toxification will improve the quality of the consciousness level you perceive-thru/exist-within.

Clearing your body of toxins will transport you to your own highest level/story/Self, and then you will be more able to rule your own thoughts, to use them to build an habitual lifestyle that

W.O.R K.S. for your/YOUR/Y.O.U.R. - body !

Your body will work better on less fuel and with less nutrients. Your grocery bill will be lower and lower.

1.1 Learning how to safely get and keep your body toxin-free:

It is important to know what toxins are, so that you can learn to avoid them, and it is also important to know how to release the toxins that you have already stored away for many years, V.E.R.Y. C.A.R.E.F.U.L.L.Y., so that you do not release too many toxins all at once. So, this is a condensed lesson a toxins and TOXIN-RELEASE.

Study it carefully and read some of the suggested books and magazines. Do N.O.T. follow this blindly, without understanding it. This is a slow gradual process, that M.U.S.T. be consciously self/SELF/S.E.L.F. -guided, and that means that you must learn how to be your own doctor, and change your own consciousness about your body and your own attitudes about food.

The following material is about

1.1.1 what toxins are;

1.1.2 what toxins cause;

1.1.3 how to know if you have too many toxins;

1.1.4 why the rate of TOXIN-RELEASE is so important;

1.1.5 how to release toxins;

1.1.6 have to be careful releasing toxins; and

1.1.7 how to balance the rate of toxin release.



So, as you see, it is important to study this pretty thoroughly, and be sure that you have a fairly good understanding /general-feeling of the processes involved, B.E.F.O.R.E. you try it. This information is provided so that you may begin to educate yourself and judge it for yourself, by your own experience.

The TOXIN-RELEASE FOODSTYLE is a simplified, condensed version of almost all that has so far been published about nutritional therapy, consciousness mechanisms, cleansing diets, and herbal medicine. It uses all-natural food substances, and water to stimulate a slow-to-moderate release of toxins, balancing the rate of release very carefully back and forth, always maintaining a safely level of vitamins and minerals.

Each change should be introduced slowly and carefully, noticing the effect upon the way you FEEL.

Try to make one change at a time, until you have adjusted mentally and are getting no more effect. Take as long as you need to, to progress thru all the steps on the ladder to wholeness.

Think of the changes your body is going thru as climbing rungs on a ladder. The rungs are stable quantum levels and resting places. ln between the stable quantum levels, there are going to be seven steps, like a collapsible drinking cup.

Your body will hold onto the frequency of the old pattern until the new pattern is strong enough, and after that, will begin to adapt more quickly, to bring all your body frequencies more into alignment. The most important thing you are trying to accomplish is to successfully retrain your body to desire and utilize substances that will promote a new pattern of equilibrium, of balance, i.e., between raw and cooked foods, between solids and liquids, between intake and outgo, between change and sameness, between light and dark.

Begin to reprogram yourself to think in terms of oscillations between extremes, rather than absolutes. Try rethinking things in terms of the verbal (as opposed to noun ) aspect, in terms of process.

1.1.1 WHAT TOXINS ARE is accumulations of

1.1.1.l byproducts of natural chemical imbalances, metabolic soot from internal energy-burning, excess stomach acids, from eating too often, uric acid from too much protein at one time, food additives that are unnatural to the body, environmental pollutants, from air, water, etc., dead cells that cannot be eliminated because of a clogged system, putrefying protein, fermenting carbohydrate, byproducts of chemical imbalances caused by drug abuse (includes coffee, tea,tobacco, plus

legally prescribed drugs and "over-the-counter" and "street" drugs)


The TOXIN-RELEASE System should not be used by a pregnant woman, under any circumstances. No toxins should be released either while pregnant with a developing child, or while nursing the child afterwards. For non-pregnant women, the best time to undertake a deliberate cleansing fast is immediately after commencement of the menstrual flow, for women desiring children, and for four to five days preceding the regular flow for women not desiring children.

The toxins released might well cause any developing but unwelcome embryo to self-abort. To do so, while already pregnant might cause birth defects. TOXIN-RELEASE is therefore, possibly, a simple, natural means of birth control/prevention: Only wanted babies born. Only mothers stable and independent enough to choose full-term pregnancies doing so. There might be no need for abortion, or for dangerous chemicals to be ingested by the women. If this did prove to be workable, it might alleviate the social welfare burdens on the hardworking people, and should lead to having higher quality children raised by people who really wanted them. Just a thought.

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What toxins cause are biochemical and biophysical (energy - level/body - image) imbalances, and the conditions these imbalances cause, that result in aging, sickness, disease, obesity, cellulite, stress, nervousness, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, circulatory disturbances, cancer, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, fatigue, mental difficulty, visual loss, hearing loss, etc, etc.

Toxins are probably the prime cause of all dis-ease, because even bacterial and viral diseases are fought off by a healthy body. The "legally prescribed" drugs interfere with the body's energy-level integrity, most importantly, and suppress your body's instinctive cleansing reaction, keeping you a prisoner to a pattern of un-wholeness.

Many drug therapies increase the requirement for some certain vitamins or enzymes or minerals. Few medical doctors understand nutrition, and so are actually unqualified to dispense drugs wisely.

The alternative: teach yourself to re-determine your own body 's new vitamin and mineral reguirements, and to follow, a constant/gradual cleansing diet. Social or "street" drugs also alter the vitamin metabolism, and create odd byproducts that accumulate and build up a toxic condition.

Even vitamins can be over-done and toxicity reached, as in the case of A and E. You are fairly safe with water-soluble vitamins such as C and Bs. (For example, i have just followed this diet about two months on, one month off, another month on, and now i am off the vitamins/herbs for a while. )

No drug should be taken continuously, even vitamins and herbs. It is the ON/OFF/ON/OFF that accomplishes the translation to the level where you were/are healed.

Some supplementary material on this raising your consciousness to the energy body, where your body knows how to heal itself, can be found in the books and audio tapes of Deepak Chopra MD, especially Creating Health, and Perfect Health.

Also, the idea seems to be that we should use this diet whenever we get negative, and stay more stationary in positive levels.

Environmental pollutants and even ordinary accumulations of metabolic soot and stomach acids may need to be dissolved and rinsed away periodically; how often and for how long each time will depend upon your body's individual pattern, i.e., how good your circulation is, how much exercise you get, presence of stress, etc.

Stress at work or in relationships actually means problems that are caused by toxins. This diet should be alternated with short periods of even lighter eating, and some mild gorging, to stretch the intestines once in a while, preferably with vegetables.

CAUTION: Do NOT abruptly stop taking your medicine; - -rather, taper off slowly.

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The BODY tries to protect itself, to keep IT's own STORY going, so it hides these toxins/poisons from the blood stream, packing them away in the fatty tissues, holding them in cellulite tissues along with fat, or forming crystals of uric acid that interfere with the BODY's functioning on an energy level, actually making part of your body "out of tune" with the rest, defining part of yourself into one story, and part of yourself into a different story. The obvious visible signs of this condition are fat, weight gain, cellulite (mainly puffy legs), and dark circles under your eyes. Fatigue and mental difficulty, though more subjective, are just as real an effect of this body image blurring.

Toxins are like the sludge and varnish of the BODY, a vicious circle that is hard to break out of. The toxemia makes us compulsive about repeating our eating mistakes, and they keep contributing to the imbalances...and on and on...

Hard to break out of, that is, unless you know about some appropriate natural "engine additives" for your biocomputer/BODY that are good for it, because they will encourage the BODY to eliminate toxins, help to release the toxins a little bit at a time while you are still eating, and because they are completely from natural sources.

Always choose the "MOTHER EARTH"/natural/pure/raw-as-much-as possible food products. You are not well, merely because you are not sick. Toxins are in there too, affecting the total body frequency, even when they are stored away from the bloodstream, by the body, trying to protect you.

You need to understand and pursue health/wholeth/wholeness/wholistic/holistic on a subtler level. Master health on the energy level, and you will never have to worry about heart disease or cancer. Mucous inside the body is like the "glue" that holds us together, but too much "glue' clogs up the circulatory passages between the cells and keeps cellular toxins from being "house-cleaned" by the blood and the lymph.

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So, now, do you have a picture of what is before you ?

Do you feel the need for moderation ? Perhaps too much of anything causes cancer, because of the toxins that accumulate. lt is going to take an extended period of a slightly fasting/cleansing diet/style, and then after that, periodic more strenuous but still moderate fasting diets.

Moderation is the key, because absolute fasting is risking lots of the toxins breaking loose all at once, which CAN make you sick or even kill you. If you get too many loose at once, the body will automatically store them somewhere else, instead of eliminating them. So, to seek life, you must practice control (of yourself), moderation, and balance. THINK GRADUAL! THINK RAW! THINK FRESH!

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Keeping the intestines exercised enough to do their work and free of the paralyzing "bloat toxins", means eating heavy sometimes and light sometimes, plus an occasional purge with something like senna-tea-soaked figs. Skipping meals occasionally in itself allows the body to slip in some catabolism. Some natural medicines from Mother Earth, herbs, can be used to safely stimulate gentle cleansing cycles. And wine in moderation can help burn up these loosened toxins. So can extra breathing. In the vitamin/mineral/herbal menu are detoxifiers,

fat-binders, capillary expanders, anti-oxidants, mucous releasers, circulation promoters, plus nutrient insurance.

A steadily greater internal fluid pressure must be maintained to keep the water/fluids flowing into-the-intestines from-the-blood, rather than from-the-intestines-to-the-blood.

That way we are constantly protected against reabsorbing our own toxins, that stay too long in the intestines, for instance, with constipation.

As a girl growing up, I remember that every time I got sick, my farm-raised father would ask me "Are your bowels moving?" A good test to see if this is happening to you, is to try taking some Slippery Elm bark powder in capsules, between meals. This should help to protect you from reabsorbing toxins that should be expelled.

All of your food should pass thru the body and be excreted within 24 to 48 hours. If it is not happening that way, you are in eliminative trouble.

To protect against this, be SURE to drink enough liquids spaced out thru the day,

and purge yourself as soon as the bloat/ i.e., constipation has occurred, with something gentle, like senna-soaked figs. Roughage is part of the idea, but the liquids/ fluids are far more important.

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Anytime you start to feel your stomach burn from the niacin or the cayenne or the garlic, drink more water to flush it out of the stomach. Some herbs for the stomach (Peppermint, Comfrey) are included in the Mucous-Release Mixture.

Keep water handy for a while after you take the garlic, cayenne, or niacin. Expect an explosion of sorts when the garlic capsule dissolves, and a definite all-over blush/flush from the niacin. The niacin is opening up the circulation and then all the vitamins and minerals and herbs are absorbed into the body cells much better.

It seems that part of the body trying to protect itself is shutting down the circulation to keep out toxins. If your stomach is really bothered by this regimen, try taking the oily vitamins and waiting a while before taking the others.

Besides protecting the stomach, you must be conscious of how fast the toxins are releasing and being eliminated. Toxins are releasing too fast when you start to feel like you are "getting a cold", "getting a headache", or "feeling tired".

When this happens, it means that you have too many toxins "loose", so

stop taking the Mucous-Release Herbs and the garlic and cayenne.

Keeping water/ liquids constant, increase vitamin C, and eat a little more often until you feel better again.

Keep this routine constant for four days, and then start in on the TOXIN-RELEASE PROCESS again. You always need a very slow, moderate really, rate of toxin release, and a steady intake of fluids/liquids/water to wash the toxins out thru the urine and the feces/shit.

Going too fast will release too many toxins all at once, and the body will merely re-hide them somewhere else, and you will have accomplished nothing. Toxins are releasing too slowly when you start to feel plugged-up or puffy, or if you are farting/expelling-gas. To speed up cleansing, you can double up on mucous-release capsules, cayenne, lecithin, garlic, and eat lighter for a few days.

Do not take more pills/capsules at the Mega-Breakfast, rather take the pills/capsules more times a day. Keeping everything else the same, eat less and release more glue.

Learn to sense your blood sugar level and when it is low, eat fruit or drink a little juice, or take some extra bee pollen. Don't starve yourself. Take it easy!

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To balance the rate of toxin release back and forth, you should write down everything you take into the body, and also write down how you feel that day. You will begin to see a pattern and it will make more sense. You will become more aware of your body, and especially of how it feels when you need either more or less toxin release. For instance, when i get up in the morning, if i feel "tired" already, i know to drink extra water, and not eat any breakfast, until after i have had a really good evacuation. You will know what i mean if you ever owned goats and had one have "the bloat".

You should aim at eating at least 50% raw food, preferably picked minutes before from your own garden or grow box. You should forget about salt, sugar (except occasionally), alcohol (except 8-oz near sunset), and all foods with preservatives or artificial flavoring and coloring. Learn to read the labels on the food items. You will be surprised what they have been putting into the perfectly good food, just to make it last longer on the shelf.

Grow your own food, if you value your life. Not only do you save money at the grocery store, but the XYZ axes of the atoms of the food are the same as the place you live, so the food you grow in the back yard is assimilated into your body in a more harmonious fashion. It blends in with the atoms in your body, on a biophysical level, a magnetic level, so to say.

You will need an upright freezer, for the garden and orchard produce, to store as much as you need for the year ahead.

Grow some extra and trade with your neighbors. Until then, do the best you can, and do not dwell on the cost of the food. Dead food costs less. Are you getting a bargain?

Within these general guidelines, a simple way to increase the rate of toxin release is to eat more raw food, and a simple way to slow down the rate of toxin release is to eat more cooked food.

If the idea of all this pill-taking and capsule-filling gets to you after a while, try some of the herbs sprinkled on your salad. Garlic granules and cayenne and kelp help make a terrific salad.

Also, all hot foods will help you more if they include hot spices. So, learn to like the spicy recipes of the Mexican and lndian cultures. lnvent some of your own. At first, in the most intensive sequence of changes, you should use the pills and capsules so that you have a fairly constant dose of everything. Later, it will still work to gradually change to using the herbs on your food and in herbal teas (1 capsule equals 3 cups of tea, because the heat destroys part of the active ingredients. You can buy bags of 500 capsules and fill them yourself.

Many of the vitamins easily available to you are not of the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Dump out your salt and pepper shakers and fill them back up with powdered kelp and cayenne pepper. Get used to it. You will feel lots better.


Mucous-Release Herbs:

1 part each, Pleurisy Root, Mullein, Black Cohosh, Comfrey

1/2 part each, Peppermint, Valerian (or Hops, Chamomile)

Circulation-Promoting Herbs:

Chickweed, Golden Seal. Hyssop, Rose Hips, Wormwood

Other herbal combinations doing the same thing are perfectly okay.


Distilled water will release the excess minerals/salts faster than tap water will; spring

water is better for you than city water, but also may have too many minerals in it.

Work up to distilled water gradually, if you decide to use it. After a while on the distilled water, to help dissolve excess mineral deposits, if you continue on this water, you should take a multi-mineral pill.











Optional Run, Walk,Skip, or Dance 15 minutes (if you are feeling well)

IOR (inclusive OR) 10 minutes of very deep dreathing


UP to 2 cups of freshly-ground coffee (to release stored blood sugar from the liver for use), or herb tea (Mucous-Release, Circulation-Promoting, or Ginseng) or water, plus water to take the pills /capsules as follows:

Niacin (B3) 500mg to 1g (mg=milli-gram, g=gram) .

Vitamin A 25,000 units

Vitamin D 2500 units (usually comes with A)

Vitamin E 500 to 800 units

Lecithin 1200 mg

Vitamin C 2 grams, Time~release preferred,

except when taking Cysteine

Vitamin B-complex 50, 75 or lOOmg of each in one pill


Cayenne 10grain 00 capsule

Mucous-Release Herbs 10grain 00 capsule

Ginseng 10grain 00 capsule

Bee Pollen 10grain 00 capsule

Garlic Granules 10grain 00 capsule

Circulation-Promoting Herbs 10grain 00 capsule


8-oz water, 1200mg Lecithin, 2g vitamin C, Bee Pollen

A copious "big" bowel movement should have taken place by now, if not, skip lunch, drink water.


A One-Bowl Salad, as much as you want in one bowl, of the following:

Raw salad greens (lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, collards, etc.)

Grated raw vegetables (beets, carrots, cabbage, etc.)

Sprouted beans and seeds (alfalfa, lentils, mung beans, wheat, sunflower seeds, etc.)

Chopped crunchy vegetables (bellpeppers, celery, zucchini, cucumbers, etc.)

Sliced raw garlic, or garlic granules, kelp, cayenne, oil and vinegar.


8-oz water, 2g C, 1200mg Lecithin, 30 minutes Sunshine

1Sunshine gives you vitamins A & D, as well as concentrating Taurine into your Pineal gland.


8-oz water, Cayenne, Mucous-Release, Garlic.


8-oz wine, to burn up toxins loosened by the herbs/fasting, and/or 10 minutes of very deep breathing.


Whole, natural foods, as much as you want, but try to approach 50% raw and avoid constipating foods like cheese, peanut butter, pasturized cows milk, and eggs, unless fresh and fertile. NO JUNK FOOD! NO SUGAR! NO SALT!

Not if you want to release toxins. If you ever have to grab something quick, try the produce department of the grocery store. No cooking required.


8-oz water, 500mg Niacin, Multivitamin/mineral, Cayenne, Garlic, Mucous-Release Herbs, and Bee Pollen. The most important thing to learn here is that you must replace daily the minerals being leeched out by all the water.


prepares you, mentally and physically, for the more strenuous phases,

Start liquids at regular intervals, 5 glasses of water, plus 2c coffee, l cup wine.

Start Mega-Breakfast, including ginseng and bee pollen.

Eat normally, but a little less, and a gradual change toward raw food.

Forget salt, sugar, and no junk food.

Start trying to learn to sense your blood sugar level, and have fruit or bee pollen.

Ground yourself with a catharsis (purge the intestines completely with senna-tea

soaked figs, 1/2-oz per pound of figs). INITIATING THE LOOSENING


Keeping everything else constant,

Add the cayenne pepper, and the Mucous-Release herbs.

Start the Internal Toxin Combustion by drinking 8-oz wine 1/2 to 1 hour before Supper.

Stop eating breakfast.

Eat all you want at night, but have salad for lunch.

Try to stop eating lunch whenever you feel unhungry, but relent if you feel bad. BALANCING RATE OF


Once you have begun to see/feel what loose toxins feel like, and what it takes

to make you feel better,

Add the garlic granules and circulation-promoting herbs.

Practice balancing toxin-release rate by increasing and decreasing the food intake,

always keeping liquids constant.

Try to stop eating lunch too, but relent if you feel bad. RECORDING THE PATTERN OF


Keep a record of whatever you take into your body.

Try to sense intuitively what nutrients are needed.

Experiment to see how much of each nutrient your body seems to need.

Learn the tell-tale signs that mean you need to go thru the TOXIN-RELEASE PROCESS again. CHANGING YOUR LIFESTYLE TO


Simplify. Simplify. Simplify!

DO SOMETHING about getting fresher food!

DO whatever you have to, if at all possible, as soon as possible,

to get yourself breathing pure air, drinking pure water, and where you can have a GROW-BOX or garden.

Other than this, make your changes one at a time.

As your health improves, you may even find yourself wishing for an environment of vibrations without electricity, or to move to a quieter place, a less congested place.

To see for yourself the effects of so much 60-cycle hum, try turning off the main power switch a few hours a day (at night is best, and don't open the refrigerator while power is off. Better yet, get rid of your electric stove and get a gas stove (don't forget a vent hood), or a woodburner.

Read about solar cooking. The vibrations of your food ARE altered by the cooking mechanism. For instance, water pumped by solar energy is better for your than water pumped or distilled by electric power. These alterations are on a subtler level than physical.

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1.2 Check your local library for books on MegaVitamins and general nutrition. Link to NutriZen\BodyEquations

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1.3 and l.4


To effectively change your eating habits IS going to take some conscious effort, but the results are going to be worth it! Believe in yourself! Your body is a sacred temple and its powers of recuperation are almost infinite!

If you are able to believe and to move your attention to a different /higher level-of-consciousness/ level-of-abstraction, the rest of the healing process will be easy.

As the toxins get a chance to release and-be expelled-eliminated, the overall resonant vibration of your body will gradually become more calm and relaxed; and you will be more and more able to successfully change your own habits.

"Making your self mind your self" is the name of the game. So, every time you go thru a cleansing /reintegration cycle, teach yourself the best habits you can, so that when you again fall back into a state of disharmony, from temporary wrong eating, or too many changes too fast, you will be following -thru on a higher level.

One of the most important tools to learning to control your consciousness, is to avoid the level of BLAME/GUILT/WORRY/JUDGING/etc. negatives, and anyone who tries to bring you down to those levels.

If you have trouble "tuning out of" the level of GUILT/BLAME/WORRY/JUDGING, build a thought program to counteract the thought programs of GUILT/BLAME/WORRY/JUDGING, to disable them, and to protect you and push you higher whenever the old strands-of-thought /tape-loops/reruns try to happen and grab hold of you again.

GUILT/BLAME/WORRY/JUDGING/etc. are word toxins, that limit your life HERE and NOW, and waste your time. Think of them as tape recordings in your mind. They are somehow recorded into the atoms and molecules of your body, the way memory is recorded, like on video-tape.

To escape these old videotapes that keep trying to happen, to be THE Story, build new tape recordings to specifically destroy/de-story the old tape recordings. They all work on the same principle. And you can re-record only by gaining control over the "records" you allow to play thru your mind.

To build the new tape recordings, repeat the words you have decided upon, over and over, continuously, either aloud or silently, as you must have heard about "mantras". After the new tape recordings are strong enough, they will keep "running" even after your attention has strayed to another subject. You may find yourself "hearing" the words replaying inside your brain like familiar songs sometimes do. Practice saying your affirmations whatever the subject, with a positive attitude. lf you have doubts, the doubts nullify the effect of the words.

Don't struggle so hard with the words. It will get easier as the toxins are expelled. Everything will be easier. It will all happen as soon as you are ready.

Remember, D.O. N.O.T. .W.O.R.R.Y.- .and D.O. N.O.T. , H.U.R.R.Y.!

An example of new affirmative/positive thought programs would be: I AM BECOMING HEALTHIER AND HEALTHIER. I AM FEELING BETTER AND BETTER.

An example of the proper use of negative affirmations is: I AM N.O.T. GOING BACK INTO THE LEVEL OF BLAME/GUILT/WORRY and JUDGING.

On a minute-by-minute basis, if BLAME/GUILT/WORRY and JUDGING try to happen, say to yourself, "PUSH OUT/ NO BLAME! PUSH OUT! NO BLAME! PUSH OUT! NO BLAME! ... "

These biocomputer commands work to help you transcend to a higher level of consciousness, within the Mass Unconscious.

There is an infinite continuum of these vibrational quantum levels. Positive affirmations translate your attention to a story/uni-verse where you really do become healthier and feel better. Negative affirmations translate your attention out of the story uni-verse where GUILT/BLAME/WORRY JUDGING had you in their grip.

Remember the myth about devils? Evil spirits are these tape loops that are greedy and do not relinquish control back to your personal center of consciousness. The process of converting your consciousness to a higher level has to be gradual, because you will still have lots and lots of those old tape-loops trying to happen, and you will have to be stronger than your own old tape-loops.

To get out of the mess you have gotten your-self into with word toxins and food toxins, is too going to take a lot longer than you might wish, but every step along the way will feel like a new awakening.

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If you have felt that you needed to take drugs, or have been working under stress,

chances are very good that you need a simpler lifestyle. Simplify! Simplify! Simplify?

Be kind to yourself. Expect less of yourself and spend more time really experiencing BEing your Self HERE and NOW!

Restructure your routine to do away with hurrying. Don't let anything make you hurry. Hurry costs you too much in loss of mental equilibrium, and continuity of consciousness, and creates chemical imbalances that cause toxins. Try to do less, fewer things, and to do them well. Practice finishing everything you start before taking on any additional tasks.

Give up believing in absolute right and wrong. That will save you a lot of trouble worrying and judging, both of which are used to control and manipulate you. What is right now is what works in that situation. What is false in one level can be true in another level, seen from a different perspective. Think of things as options you get to choose. Do not be afraid to experiment, a little at a time, with Life's choices. Try a different hairstyle, a new type of clothes.

Just make your changes one at a time, so fhat you can FEEL the effect of that change on YOU, for sure, before making any further changes. Life gets a lot easier when you make your changes one at a time, and bring yourself back to center (your highest level) again before making another change. It will be easier to master your conflicts without toxins.

As you loosen these toxins, the vibration of your body will be different, so some things you had been unable to get at, will surface. Be ready to let these thoughts surface, and deal with them, so that they can be expunged. Just D.O. .N.O.T. feel that you have to let them take control of you again.

You can let them float thru your consciousness, and away, if you keep your center of consciousness, your awareness level going. Clean up your act in all of the levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Don't do everything the same all the time, but have some percentage of your life that is the same every day, to keep your center going. Don't do too much of either routine or variety. THINK BALANCE! THINK MODERATION!

Try stopping old habits and starting new habits, gradually moving into a new Self. Don't push yourself too fast or too far at one time because you might leave part of yourself behind. This is a journey toward oneness, A.T.ON.E.-.M.EN.T., so you better stop repressing/pushing-back thoughts, stop lying, stop worrying, hurrying, and scaring yourself. Mellow out! You have to get all the pieces of you/YOU/Y.O.U. back together again in the same STORY, because you are in a bunch of different stories, if you have toxins.

The substance RNA, super-concentrated from a special strain of Brewer's Yeast, seems to help you re-record your SELF/S.E.L.F. out of limited self levels. Take it when needed to strengthen GOOD/G.O.O.D. in yourSELF.

For this therapy to work properly, you must keep filling up your mind with positive words, either by positive affirmations yourself, or by reading or listening to audio tapes. The books suggested will help to keep your mind from re-running the negative/limiting/dead selves and they will begin to atrophy. And lose their power over you.


This is the 1977 version.

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