Your Own Herb Garden Corner

My dream is to move to a farm,    make it into an herb farm,   and an iris farm,   where people can come and learn about how to detoxify their bodies periodically.      Right now,  my mini- farm is one-third acre,    in town,     with many large shade trees,     in most of the yard.   I grow many different herbs,   all over the yard,   except in the dog yard.

If you are a gardener,     you should start learning to grow your own herbs.     It is very satisfying and you know there is no pesticide or other chemical spray on them.     One of the main reasons that I began gardening was to know that there was no chemical sprayed on my food.   After I got started,    I discovered the other rewards,   fresh air,   exercise,   getting in touch with Nature,   and just the simple abundance of all that food growing outside.

I sell live herb plant starts from my own yard,    that I grew myself,    in season.
I sell other perennials,  in season,   also.

Although I have not gone thru all the rigamarole to be officially declared an organic farmer,    I don't use any pesticides or weed-killers,     just my own organic deciduous leaves,    and other plant materials,   plus occasional manure.   I don't have control over the manure.    I used to get it at the cattle stockyards,   but they closed it up.   I haven't gotten any since,   but I will become more aware of this.   I wanted to get my own chickens,  but the city would not let me keep them in town.

I did get my plant shipper license from the state ag dept.    I am legal to ship these.    Don't ask in the dead of winter.    It is cold and dreary out there,    either raining like the monsoons,   or snow,
with a rare sunny day.    You can reserve an order for Spring,    get yourself on the list.    I won't need payment until time for delivery.

Prices are subject to change.   Send email to verify current price and availability,     on items you want, before ordering.

Prices are not ready
Herb Plant Name Price For Offer ItemNo
Blackberry 42
Blue Flag 48
Blue Violet 50
Borage 54
Burdock 59
Calif Poppy 68
Catnip 79
Chamomile 88
Chervil  93
Comfrey 126
Dandelion 146
Echinacea Pur 168
Feverfew 186
Garlic 196
Honesuckle 239
Horehound 242
Horseradish 244
Irish Moss 251
Lobelia 284
Lobelia 285
Milk Thistle 297
Milk Thistle seed whl w 298
Mistletoe lf c/s c 299
Mullein 304
Onion 321
Oregano 328
Oregon Grape 331
Parsley 339
Peach 349