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For most small orders,  add $3.95 for Priority Mail shipping.
If in California,  add 7.25% for sales tax.

A large part of the cost of the herbs you buy, already in capsules, is the labor of the person who filled the capsules for you.     To get the benefit of the medicinal herbs, without the high cost of paying someone else to fill them, learn to do this yourself.
The plastic capsule-filling machines help the work  go faster.

I could not afford to take as many things as I do,   if I did not pack my own capsules.

The "00" is bigger.    The "0" is what you usually get in a prepacked bottle of herbs.   I personally find the "00" size more convenient,   because if I make "0" size,   I usually need to take more capsules to get the same effect.   The exception to that rule is when you have something that needs careful dosing,    and you really need a smaller dose. Or you can blend such an ingredient with something else similar,  kind of diluting it.
Gelatin Capsules 500 1000
'0' Gelatin Capsules $7.00 $12.00
'00' Gelatin Capsules $9.75 $18.00
'0' Vegicaps(R) $12.00 $22.00
'00' Vegicaps(R) $13.00 $24.00
Capsule-Filling Machines Size '0' Size '00'
Capsule Machine (24) 20.00 20.00
Cap M Quik  (50) 15.00 15.00
The Cap M Quik machines make 50 at a time.    The Capsule Machine makes 24 at a time.

I had been thinking this was 100-at-a-time,   but caught my mistake.    It is 50-at-a-time.
You can make 100,  by doing the 50 batch twice.   Sorry for my mistake.  It must have been those two zeroes.

I usually use my 24-at-a-time one.     It is smaller,    I keep it in a glass baking dish,   closeby,  to work in.     My 50-at-a-time ones are longer,    and when I get thru,    50 is too many for the plastic tackle boxes I keep them in.    24 is just right.    If you make 50,   you would need to save your bottles from your commercially-prepacked herbs.

The 24-at-a-time machine costs more than the Cap M Quik  (50),   because it is made by
a different company.    This picture below is the  Cap M Quick.

An Article About Packing Your Own Capsules Yourself

Dried Bulk Herb List
For descriptions about what they each do,    see my page about the best websites on herbal information.

My Live Herb Plants    |   My Live Plants List
Since we should all really grow our own herbs in our gardens,      I will sell starts from what I have in my yard,   but also,   check out   Algy's Herb Seed Exchange.      Promote biodiversity and keep herbs free of multinational pharmaceutical domination and profiteering.     I would be happy to trade herb seeds or starts with you.   What herb seeds or plants do you have?

A good commercial source of herb seeds and plants,   for comparison.

My Favorite Retail Sources
Beyond A Century,  HC 76, Box 200,  Greenville ME 04441
800-777-1324,  fax 207-695-2492,   email:

My other favorite supplement source is
Nutrition Express,  P O Box 4076,  Torrance CA 90510-9970

Call both for a catalog.  They send out paper catalogs.

Both of these companies have reasonably priced substances that
bodybuilders use.

I am not up-to-speed on all my web pages.    Please forgive me.   Still under construction.

Prices are subject to change.   Send email to verify current price on items you want, before ordering.

When trying a new herb, if you are unsure that it really helps you, buy a few ounces of it,  and be sure that you gain some benefit, before ordering a whole pound.      Buy a whole pound, when you are sure that an herb helps.

If you are new to using herbs,     try a new herb cautiously,   until you feel the effects,   and know what dose it will take to affect you.    Go Easy.    These are medicine,    a gift from Nature and Nature's wisdom.

I am subject to a minimum order amount, from my supplier, so when ordering, you agree to a wait of up to 2 weeks, but usually not necessary.    If you send an email pre-order,   I can better plan these orders from my supplier.
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