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I have decided to focus on teaching gardening and journaling,   after studying issues in the health care crisis,   and discover that it is also in support of the last few years' solar year focus  
Journaling is the nicest way to say Here is How To  
Project Ahead In Time,   Into A Probable Future Universe Of Your Own Construction,   And Not Into A Probable Future Universe Of Your Own Worst Fears.    When you "JOURNAL",  you CREATE your own future. 
Journaling Ideas In The "Why Self-Directed" Wholistic Learning Project  (Ready)
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Keeping A Journal
Making Yourself    
Mind Yourself
Personal Sovereignty (Ready)
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My Magical Yard: 
Say NO To Lawn-mowing
How To Be A Gandhi In Your Own Garden
Sacred Ground Kingdom
Herbs To Help You Enjoy Your Gardening Yoga More  
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Think Clearer Program
Clarity Of Thought
A Typical Day  Of Reawakening
My Report On Julian Jaynes' Bicameral Mind  Book
How Cities Can Help 


This Online Newsletter Is Very Much 
Wanted:   Volunteers to distribute my  web page about what happened when I quit lawn-mowing,    and some more related ideas for local public officials.  
Cities have to stop forcing people to mow lawns 
 If we are really worried about the environment,   we need more plants in everybody's yard. 
Plants  GENERATE  Oxygen 
Plants GENERATE  FoodForBirds 

And we need activists for protecting our access to affordable herbs from greedy bureaucrats 

The Real Problem   
And We Need To Wake Up 
Unplug Your TV And Pay Attention 
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Re-Thinking The Way We Teach Thinking 
I don't really think that we will get good decision-making from our elected leaders and other public officials,   until we change our educational system to develop both sides of the brain,   and ENABLE  head-to-heart messaging. 
Past Health Articles 
The Importance of Good Lymph  Flow
Say No To Cancer
Toxin  Release
Packing Your Own Capsules
ZEN AndTthe Art of Making A Living
My Background In Nutrition??
The Uncertainty of Unemployment .
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Defining The Future  
My method is Time- Matrix Translation 
A New Moon Gestalt From Late 1995  
A Later Iteration 
A New Moon Gestalt From Late 1997
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Re-Thinking Education 
Studying Wholistic Learning
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The New Inquisition
Past Articles  On Time-Matrix Translation
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A Unifying Vision?
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