Forgive Me For My Negativity BUT....
 This newsletter is supposed to be mainly about gardening and journaling,   but how can anybody be healthy,   with the threatened cancellation of our Constitutional and inalienable rights,     and the virtual genocide planned for us,    thru allowing more toxins into our food,    and disallowing our access to affordable herbs?  

How can any of us feel safe,   and rest and relax enough to be healthy,    if thousands of us have had our private property rights [i.e.,   our Constitutional and inalienable rights]   cancelled,    because our President signed an international treaty?  

Why grow your own herbs?    Because our very own FDA is trying to make them all controlled substances,     so that it can pump up the profits of huge multi-national pharmaceutical companies.     It is the Inquisition,   all over again,   with a planned "war on drugs" for thousands of medicinal herbs. 

Why grow your own vegetables?    Because our very own USDA is trying to change the meaning of the word  "organic",    and allow more toxins into the food at the grocery store,    allow our eggs to be half-pasteurized,     allow our food to be irradiated,    etc. 

Why learn to keep a journal?    Because we all need to take better care of ourselves,   to stay healthy,    and not need the doctors and hospitals.   And taking better care of ourselves means exercising more self-control than we have been,    to overcome all that mass media advertising we are blasted with,   on the television and radio.     No more junk food!    Eat live veggies and fruit! 

With the Dys-Integration of the Cold War paradigm,    the status quo that held everything stable,     the global elitists have a plan to make us all into obedient brainwashed consumers of what they want to sell to us,      and their idea of how to do this,   is to use scare tactics,    and fake stories about climate change,    to push our government bureaucrats to steal our Constitutional and inalienable rights,   including our private property.     They think that THEY get to make the decisions,   that THEY get to make the rules,     and we have to accept it. 

It is the same kind of striving for DOMINANCE and SUBMISSION that was perpetrated in Europe for 600 years,      broadly called    The Inquisition. 

For 600 years,    more or less,    they systematically "downsized" the population,   by torturing and murdering the non-conformists,    the smarter ones,   who refused to "repeat after me",     of believing in the Catholic Church.   Many of the ones killed were female healers,   who believed in older traditions,   and who used the wisdom of our natural herbs. 

There are too many of us workers,    and the huge multi-national corporations have found cheaper workers in other countries.    They have taken lots of our jobs overseas,    and we are expendable. 

Instead of the obvious visible kinds of genocide,    this poisoning of our food and depriving us of our herbs,     will shorten our lives,     and less humans means less harm to the planet,    less need for collecting our Social Security checks,    less population explosion.    This hidden kind of virtual genocide goes unnoticed by the majority of the population.     Glued to their televisions,   they will never know what happened,   until it is too late.    Brainwashed by the mass media,    they will never become aware of how their our Constitutional and inalienable rights have been canceled.  

Manipulated by extremist environmentalist NGOs (non-governmental organizations),    many will never realize that they have been used to pressure government bureaucrats to steal the private property of individual homeowners,     without just compensation,   deporting them into congested areas,   without payment for their lifetime's investment in their farms and homes,     all in the pretense of protecting an endangered fish or bird,  or lizard,  or wolf,   or bear,    or an endless stream of other critters. 

Many government bureaucrats will be fooled into acting out these programs of "unlawful taking" of alleged conservation easements,     distracted by the focus on the alleged endangered animal,    while denying the Constitutional and inalienable rights of the human beings now in possession of these coveted lands and natural resources,     and the letter-writing pressure from well-meaning environmental activists,     will be part of this "unlawful taking". 

The use of  FEAR,  FORCE  and   COERCION in this manner is not really different from rolling in with tanks,    and taking territory,    by bombs and missles.  

If the Constitutional and inalienable rights of homeowners along the rivers in our County can be cancelled out,     in the pretense of protecting a fish,   then the  Constitutional and inalienable rights of ALL US CITIZENS are in danger,     even those of these  well-meaning  environmental activists. 

More coming........ 

From  War Model  To   Teacher/Mentor/Coach Model